Sunday, June 23, 2013


 A very cool event is held a few times a year in Los Angeles, where they shut down a main street for miles and miles and everyone comes out on bicycles and skateboards and just rides through our beautiful city. It's called CicLAvia, and today Henry and The Husband rode all the way downtown while Sophie and I strolled a few miles on Wilshire Blvd, right down the street from where we live.  Here's Sophie watching the folks roll by:

It goes on for hours and hours and hundreds and hundreds of people participate. Wilshire Boulevard is an historic street in Los Angeles, lined with palms. Many years ago we stood on Wilshire and watched the tens of thousands of protesters walk by during some of the immigration wars of GW Bush. But today, it was peaceful and a lot of fun.

Sophie and I shared a frozen lemonade. Sophie can't sip through a straw, so I sucked up the stuff, held the top of the straw with my finger and put it in her mouth. She loved it.


  1. It does look very peaceful ...

  2. Bonny locks that girl has.

  3. That IS a great idea. NYC does something similar called "Summer Streets," where the city shuts down one of its main thoroughfares on a weekend day.

    Every time I hear Wilshire Boulevard I think of a line from the movie "Earthquake": "If this dam breaks there won't be nothing between here and Wilshire Boulevard left to burn!"

  4. All I can say is, Mr. Moon and I need one of those bike-with-a-canopy-things.
    That and Sophie is such a beautiful woman/girl.

  5. I'm all for crowds that are peaceful and a lot of fun.

  6. Looks like a lovely day. And I'm with Ms. Moon - I love that bike with the canopy on top! If it had a cupholder for Bubba's beer, I think he'd even join me in it!

  7. She is so gorgeous. Glad she enjoyed her day and her lemonade.



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