Saturday, December 7, 2013

Gratitude Schmatitude

I sent the above photo to a friend this morning in a half-hearted attempt to feel gratitude. Gratitude schmatitude. I'm sad that I'm not in New York with my family, eating fried dough and melanzane. It's raining buckets here, and we had to dash into the valley to pick up our Christmas tree at Henry's school. Even though I had a sighting of the incredibly handsome Gilles Marini, the actor who sustained me during my Brothers and Sisters binge (a father at the school), and a passel of wonderful young men tied the Christmas tree to our roof in the pouring rain, and Oliver dressed in full Dodgers regalia (see above), I'm testy. Ms. Moon said it all, actually, over on her blog, particularly when she quoted a movie character's imprecation. I don't want to steal her thunder, though, so I won't type it here. Go visit her blog and you'll see what I mean.

When Oliver was a really little guy and the world got on his nerves, he'd say, I hate everyone and everything! That's a bit of what I'm feeling. Don't take it personally, though, and I won't take it seriously.


  1. It's suddenly pouring here too! Oh my goodness. We are certainly simpatico today. Only I haven't seen any movie stars. Or...well...anyone.

  2. I know what you mean. So bummed for you that you couldn't make it to New York. The feast you described sounds wonderful and as I drove downtown today I wondered if our family could adopt it ourselves. But we are Swedish and must stick to our pickled herring and rosettes. I think the Italians come out ahead here. (PS yes we are flying into LAX and staying in Huntington Beach. . .)

  3. Well your dodger boy all in blue and white is about the cutest thing ever. I imagine he's in hog heaven decorating that tree right about now.

  4. I know you don't hate me for the "Brothers and Sisters" binge!



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