Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Monday Morning Re-Post

Checking out life ahead

I'm working on going through my blog, picking out posts that I might re-work and include in MGDB.* I've got a lot of posts, most of which are throwaways. Some don't fit my book, but I like them for other reasons. I think I'll periodically post those from years ago -- give them some fresh air. See below.

*my goddamn book 

In other news, Henry won the MVP award last night for his school's first season of lacrosse. I am, naturally, very, very proud of him. Next thing you know, I'll be posting video segments of his highlight plays on Facebook. If I do, please come and shoot me.

Friday, October 18, 2013

On Being A, On Be Coming Crone

What I'm thinking about today is the onset of crone-dom and not in a jokey, silly sort of way, except that there are plenty of crones out there who will probably chuckle softly to themselves that I would deign to believe myself a crone at the tender age of fifty. I feel it approaching, though -- cronedom -- and I feel it as a lassitude and resignation, a comfortable giving-up and giving-in, a sardonic eye tilt and thinning lip, an exasperated descent into temporary insanity, a skill in holding ridiculous paradox, a desire to live and to be done with it, a quickening pulse, a pull between the legs, fullness drooping, a chopped off finger wag, abstraction made concrete.

Crone talk over tea (from left to right):

Watching a child seize, day after day after day after day for years on end imposes a sort of discipline. You can actually live like that.

I dare you, to do what I've done and feel any other way.

Barn's burnt down,
Now I can see the moon.

Red lips, black hair -- they disappeared, but I taste them both, dearie.


  1. Big congratulations to Henry and to you- thank you for that repost. So MUCH of what you write is worth reposting.

  2. Barn's burnt down...excellent! Way to accept the inevitable and rejoice in what it leaves behind.

  3. I'm way into cronehood. My body is stiffer and more sore more of the time. My memory stutters. I'm learning about the beauty of naps. I consider more carefully my activites-no more running, back off on walking for hours etc.

    There is more deep appreciation for blooming trees and the smell of wet earth. More noticing of the speed at which others live and move as they hurtle through life. Astonishment at the rapidity of the calendar turning pages. (we already have due dates for 2017!)

    Crones are the women at the pool I see all the time in their bog old bathing suits, easing themselves into the water. And I'm one of them. I've joined the club.

    Bless you Elizabeth, as ever.


  4. I love the duck photo! Fab! And congrats to Henry for his award. Hope YGDB is going well. :)

  5. What a perfect post.
    First, a new word for my lexicon: and I now know precisely what I've become. (Somehow I'd never heard of "crone".)
    And I just loved your book's new reference initials.
    And those geese checking out life ahead.
    And your invitation to us to come and shoot you if you descend to the depths of lacrosse madness.
    You brightened up my day - which was leaning on the glum side for no good reason.
    This post definitely deserves a spot in YGDB!



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