Friday, November 11, 2016

Waking UP

Things are getting scarier by the moment, even in my extended family. So much anguish and so much dismissal of it. So much desire to understand and so much misunderstanding.

I'm struggling with how to do and say the right thing. I use strong language sometimes, throw out "f-bombs" regularly and offend people with that language. I am sorry for that.

The story I posted the other day about my sister's small act of civic disobedience when she threw Tic Tacs into a bowl of chips where three white men had been gloating about their candidate's win sounds hollow and trivial to me today as I've absorbed the anger and frustration and true anguish of many of my fellow citizens and witnessed the hate being unleashed by other citizens who've been strengthened by the racist who is our president-elect. A good friend and neighbor,  a man of Filipino descent married to a white woman who has two sons, a man who has multiple advanced degrees, lives in a beautiful home that he renovated with his own hands cried over the result of this election and what it means to his two little boys. I'm listening and standing beside him and his family. My friends in the disability community are frantic and beyond distressed over what they believe will happen to their families and loved ones with disabilities. I'm listening and standing beside them with their families.

I find arguments to compromise hollow and trivial. While I appreciate and understand the Obamas work toward the constitutional "peaceful transfer of power," I'm going to do everything I can to protest this election outcome.

I'm drawing a line in the proverbial sand right this instant. I'm not sad because Hillary Clinton lost and the Republicans won. I'm not a crybaby or a sore loser, either. I'm far from being politically correct, whatever that term means these days.

Here's what I am and who I am.

I don't tolerate violence, racism, misogyny, sexual assault, bigotry, xenophobia, the mockery and disdain of the disabled or the denial of climate change. I don't accept your tolerance for or understanding of it. I don't accept the argument that the media slanted the things Drumpf said over the eighteen months of his campaign. I don't accept the lame excuse that he will somehow not actually do the horrendous things he threatened to do while running. I heard them, loud and clear, over and over and over. I see what has been unleashed, and it's hideous. I believe this man is a dictator in waiting, and I'm going to do everything in my small and limited power, to resist him. Above all, I pledge never to be violent and to stand by those who are most vulnerable at this time without fear.



  1. You took the words right out of my brain!!


  2. I am still at a loss for words over everything that has happened. I have many friends and acquaintances who may be horribly affected in the coming weeks or months.

    I also have family members who I worry will be caught up in what I believe may become a whirlwind of the racism that has often been spoken of by the newly elected person/persons. My family members tell me not to worry about it, they will be fine, it's not going to get that bad. They are still young and trusting of the system.

    I seem to be recovering from my loss of words now.

  3. I saw (somewhere else on the internet) the safety pin worn as a lapel pin and I love it.

  4. I have my safety pin on as well.
    It feels so...small.

  5. I stand beside you, and so so many others. My father called today about some trivial thing, and I'm so glad he did not even mention the election. I may have to copy your last paragraph (and attribute to you) and carry slips of paper on me. I may have to hand them out to people who don't understand the devastation that is Drumpf.

  6. I do believe, Elizabeth, this is your finest post!! Everyone, grab a safety pin!!!

  7. I stand with you, too. Never forget, we are Stronger Together.

  8. And let's keep in mind that Hilary won....the popular vote.

  9. You always speak with such eloquence. I admire your passion, and your courage to stand up and hold strong!!

  10. You might really hate my latest post, then.
    And, I love you.
    And, I think you're brilliant.

  11. I'm with you. Beautifully said as always.

  12. I stand with you Elizabeth. We must be engaged and active. We must get people to vote in the mid terms and we must protect others from hate! XO to you!



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