Tuesday, January 24, 2017


poster by Shepard Fairey

The EPA was just directed to freeze all grants. This means that graduate students and researchers funded on EPA funds are now without funds. All ongoing studies are stopped.

Scientists at the EPA and USDA are also blocked from communicating with the press or through the internet.

It all happened in a moment with a memo, by executive action, with zero input or oversight.

It could happen to any Federal institute, including the National Science Foundation, which funds research at universities around the country -- including the health insurance and living stipends of many, many students. 

Trump also froze all federal hiring yesterday.

Please, if you can safely raise your voice, raise it loudly. 

Call your congresspeople, call the White House, write op-eds and articles and blog posts. 


This is only Day 4.

(Share widely-- copy and paste is best to share with people outside our common friends. I did not write this. It was copied and pasted from a scientist who wants to remain anonymous. The fear of retaliation is real.)



  1. Fascism is indeed upon us. 1378 days to go until the next presidential election.
    In sorrow

  2. And, if possible, I believe today we will hear even more horrible restrictions, etc. I think of the description of Hitler (first he silenced the media; then he came for the scientists, researchers, etc.). Resist in any way you can.

  3. While distracting a lot of people with his claims of election fraud and taking up a lot of press space, he is doing all he can as president. We now see the power of the presidency. It'll be a lot worse soon as he runs over the Democrats in his appointments, hiring even as he has stopped all others in government from hiring, and gets the Supreme Court set with a young ultra conservative that will change things for a very long time. Not much mention of the Women's march, as the Republicans and the executive offices have also taken a mum stance on it, and it's working very well. Pipe lines in process, Roe v Wade on way out, and all the things the Re[publicans have been wanting will be happening.

    Oh, there will be some access to healthcare and insurance. Just unaffordable and sham policies. THose dependent on ACA provisions, and that's most everyone with mental healthcare and other things in there to make it a meaningful coverage and forces that coverage on other insurance as well, it's going to be a tough go. Doctors and health care organizations' celebrations will come to an abrupt end when they realize fewer of their, yes, lowered bills will get paid. It's going to be famine and freeze, and those who have the least are least able to weather it.



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