Saturday, June 22, 2019

We All Know This Is Not Right

I'm beside myself about this.

It seems irredeemable, in the vein of the Native American genocide or slavery. The Holocaust. The actual conditions under which these children and people have been subjected are horrendous, but it is the people that gaslight, argue, justify and prevaricate about what is happening that freak me out the most. We all know that this is not right.

It seems like it might be the end of us.

I'm sitting on my bed typing on my fancy laptop, about 129 miles from the Mexican border. It's hard to think straight or do anything at all.

What does it mean -- this beside oneself? I think of metta -- loving kindness directed first toward oneself, then toward someone you love, then toward someone with whom you have difficulty, then toward all.

May I be well. May you be well. May all sentient beings be well.

Terrible America.

I remember the practice of tonglen.

Breathe in suffering. Breathe out love.


Three Ways to Stop ICE's Detention Policies


  1. I just finished watching reports of conditions in the concentration camps for babies and children at our border. I can hardly stand to watch it, but know I must, everyone should. The more information and pictures that are shown, the more people will become aware of how horrible all of this is. It makes me weep every time.

    When I was in school in the 1960's - 1970's Anne Frank was required reading. I remember thinking at that time that not everyone in Germany could have been that hate filled to let such horrible things happen. Yet they did. Now I think I know how it happened.I think I am starting to see it in my country now, and I have not yet taken any action against it. Thank you for the resources you listed. There must be something that I can do to change or help change this path our country seems to be on. We are watching history trying to repeat itself. I love America, but I hate the horrible things that are happening in America right now.

    I cannot understand how so many people think this is ok to treat babies and children this way because, they argue, "Their parents shouldn't have brought them here." I can't understand how, what I always thought were nice, normal people, can want to continue to do this and support the people in power that are promoting these horrors.

    Former White House employee, General Kelly, is making money from at least one of the profit making corporations that are running these hell holes for children. Yet when told to provide soap and tooth brushes for the children, the government claims they need more funding. Bullshit. They need to stop the profits that creeps like Kelly and others of the same ilk are making from these hell holes by stopping this horrible policy. There should be a special hell hole for all of the disgusting, low life, inhumane, hateful people making a profit from the suffering of babies, children, and adults. I believe it's all as much or more about the profits as it is the hatred.

    It's too bad that the little children in the concentration camps are unable to write "love letters" to Trump. That worked well for Kim Jong-un.

  2. Thanks for the link, Elizabeth.
    Like you, I am scared to death that our country will never recover from this.

  3. We know it's not right. And what we know is just the tip of it. There are hidden horrors still untold, I'm sure. This is how Nazi Germany happened. The comparison used to be seen as extreme. Now it fits exactly. This is how it started, and with such a man as we call president. Fucker.

  4. Yes all the comparisons to nazi Germany are right and I write this as a German. But it is also right to remember that many many Germans risked their lives protecting and saving Jews and Roma and others being persecuted and it is these brave and conscientious people's actions that must inspire us.

  5. I've been saying for years -- even during the administration of George W. Bush -- that I don't know who we are anymore. I feel it more intensely now than ever before.

  6. It is obscene and a National Disgrace, I too am distraught about it, the lack of proper coverage about it, these concentration camps on our American Soil. There would be more of a public outcry if Animals were treated this inhumanely... and these are Human Beings, defenseless CHILDREN! I blogged about it recently myself, we have to give Voice to those without one! I have Mexican born Grandchildren, this could be them if our Mexican National side of the Family wanted the Grands to come here to live with me, how would they be vetted, with this evil in our Leadership I just don't know and it's terrifying... at this juncture of our National decline, this COULD BE any of us. How so many can justify it is beyond me, just because it's NOT THEM YET!

  7. I know. This is happening right under our noses.

    Homeless people are living in the green strips beside the freeways. In this rich city of Teslas and Beamers and Mc Mansions. This entitled rich IT world of Seattle.

    To bear this we either harden our hearts or we leave them open so we can let the pain in.

  8. Shame. This country is shameful in ways that are piling daily. A mountain of shame. I want to breathe, but it comes hard when I think of them. So fragile in spirit they all are. I think it is the worst of the worst of what we have ever done.



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