Thursday, October 31, 2019

Pictures, You Need Pictures: Part 2: Rome

I'm sorry, ya'll. I'm sorry that I haven't kept up here. I haven't kept up really anywhere, and that's because I'm involved in a very ugly, very upsetting and very stressful post post divorce thing. That's all I can say about it, and I would appreciate all your good thoughts and wishes and metta for all those involved. I am bewildered and upset and disbelieving and depleted and very, very sad.

Onward to Rome.

Henry and I had an amazing time in Rome and Florence. We stayed in a friend's apartment near the Vatican. The building was about five stories and had one of those incredible cage elevators and the winding marble floored staircases.

Please take my picture in this elevator, I asked Henry.

Every room in the apartment looked out on the great dome of St. Peter's. I'm not kidding. As the kids say, "Ridic."

Those are my legs, profoundly weary from tromping about 20,000 steps a day in boots and sneakers that somehow didn't cushion the 56 year old caregiver body like they did 35 years ago.

Everything is so damn beautiful and big and ancient and filled with centuries of longing and strife and reaching toward beauty and the divine. And suffering.

Our own struggles aren't lessened by witnessing ruins of the past, but they are integrated into something much larger than ourselves.

Henry and I made some remarks in poor taste about St. Peter's Square and the Vatican. Mea Culpa.

We walked about a million miles a day, and I was usually trailing Henry, as evidenced by the photo below.

I bought a pink ring, and it perfectly matched the pillows on the purple sofa at our friend's apartment.

We ate pizza, pasta and gelato every day.

Shortly after the above photo, after we'd thrown our coins in the Trevi Fountain, we both had nervous breakdowns because of the crowds. Honestly, Reader, Rome is insanely crowded.

If you look closely, you get an idea of the hordes of people streaming down that central street toward the Spanish Steps. We are standing at the top of them, here, marveling at the view.

We got the heck out of Dodge, bypassing the crowds and roaming past the above door.

The skies were Felliniesque, big white clouds and blue.


I was there two weeks ago.

There WILL be a Part 3, I promise.


  1. Well, you couldn't get an apartment with a better view, could you? That's pretty amazing -- to wake up to that dome every day. And I love the doorway that looks like a giant face! And I love your ring and those pizzas look incredible. Despite the crowds, there's a lot to appreciate in Rome!

  2. The photos are lovely and I'm glad you got to spend time with your son. The crowds though, wow, not a fan of crowds.

    I'm sorry things are awful right now with your ex which is why he's your ex. I remind myself how thankful I am that I am no longer married to my ex husband. He continues to be a dick.

    I'm sending hugs and love from the North and may things improve soon.

  3. I am so glad to see your words and pictures here again, Elizabeth! What a gorgeous report! I think it was probably being in Florence when I was eighteen that put the nail in the coffin of any belief I may have had in the adage that America was the greatest country on earth. What a fucking joke! It was also being in Italy that showed me what food really is.
    As to you-know-who: Lilycedar is right. That's why he's your ex-husband but why, oh why can't he just disappear into the ether now? I'm sure you've never had that thought...
    I sure do love you, woman. I'm so glad you bought that ring.

  4. Wonderful photos of Rome, and of your time with Henry. Your handsome lovely boy is now a man, how does your heart stand it. I'm so sorry you're going through that post post thing with your ex. I'm holding space for you, praying it all works out for your best. Love.

  5. May that ring give you supernatural powers! It sure looks like it could. I'm sorry to read about the stress in your life, and hope Rome managed to lift you up and away for a bit. You and your son are gorgeous!

  6. How crummy that the wonderful trip is followed by terrible stressful garbage. Wishing for you that it all settles down and you can go back to revisiting Italy via your gorgeous pics.

  7. your photos are molto bella! Your words about the ancients and reaching for the divine are, well, divine. Much like that pizza and the ring! And you're right, it helps to put current life in perspective. Sorry the ex is being so shitty. Sending you lots of love and good juju in hopes that things work in your favor.

  8. I am so glad that you and Henry got to experience all that was Positive Enerty and beautiful about Rome so that the uplifting Energy of that helps offset the Neg Energy of the personal trials you are moving thru with the Ex. Sending you Positive Vibes and hoping that a Peace beyond all understanding sustains you. Thank You for taking us along Virtually to that Wonderful City, I've never Experienced Rome yet, tho' The Man has. Not everything on the Bucket List is crossed off yet.

  9. Lovely pictures of wonderful time with Henry. So glad you got to go. This time with the ex shall also pass. I've been there and know it's not easy. So glad you have Carl to stand by you. Kisses and hugs. N2



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