Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Hum

Sophie, March 2006

Paying attention, it would crack me into a million pieces. Just for a moment, though, it hurts my lips, numbs my throat, catches my breath. Does she hum to shut out or to invite in? Raise a joyful noise unto the Lord runs through my head but there is no joy in the steady hum through years and years. Try it sometime, the vibration that makes one think of skull not head, a grate not tune, the constant reminder of I am here and I am not.

Small Stone 15


  1. Sweet beautiful Sophie.

    Sweet beautiful Elizabeth.

    I love you both.

  2. You write so beautifully of things I know and things I don't know. Introducing me to both.

  3. "...the vibration that makes one think of skull not head..." That is so *perfectly* descriptive, as is "...the constant reminder of I am here and I am not." Perfectly described, and a little heartbreaking.

  4. Watch the video i just posted. I thought of this. BTW I have a childhood friend who hums all of the time. She has superior intelligence, extremely high IQ.She's been humming for years. No tune ...just huummmmmmm....hhhhhhuummmmm...hummm
    I drives me freaking batty. I finally, after decades, told her STOP HUMMING! WHY DO YOU HUM ALL THE TIME? She hums because she's "happy." Of course this isn't true...more like habitual self stim.

  5. I too am very familiar with "the hum".

    My son Weston diagnosed with adhd has used this sound since he was born. He is now 12. He uses it often as a tool I think to help him concentrate. It is a sacred and important sound to him.

    For a long time I tried to identify that particular sound. I tried using a piano keyboard, the closest note being "C" but it really wasn't quite it. Then one day I heard someone meditating by using the word "ohm". That was it!

    Upon further exploration I discovered that Ohm was a Hindu word meaning (in very simple terms) "the symbolic expression of the creative spirit, the three human conditions (waking, dreaming, and deep sleep), the three times of day (morning, midday, evening), and the three faculties (action, cognition, volition).

    The Om is also often referred to as the sound of the Earth…creation...the heart of existence. To become one with the sound of the Om, through visual meditation and sounding of the vibration, allows one to become one with the source of become "realized"...a "master."

    After reading all this...I felt somehow comforted. I think perhaps Sophie and Weston are spiritually dialed in to a higher frequency. Who knows?

  6. I like Lisa's take on it.

    Though I am sure if I was living with someone who hummed constantly I would be yearning for a bit of sacred silence.

  7. I love Lisa's comment! My youngest who has SPD hums a lot, too. I think for her it provides a constant low-level stimulation that enables her to better block out all of the other things going on around her for which she has no filter.

    In any case, I do occasionally have to leave the vicinity before my head explodes.




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