Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I walked down the hallway this morning, guiding Sophie to the front door and out, her feet splayed toes touching the walls, and when we got too near one of them I reached up to right a tilted photo hanging there and noticed that nearly every photo was tilted ever so slightly this way and that and when Sophie's head veered toward the right as it is wont to do I wondered whether the universe had turned  or tilted on its axis and the frames hadn't followed suit.

Small Stone 18


  1. My God, you are a master at this, Elizabeth! I love your stones (the ones you're writing and the ones you use to attack injustice!) ;-)

  2. What a beautiful and poignant way to describe the tilt of your life.

  3. And the earth shifts to accommodate each of us, perhaps.
    I love that idea. I do.

  4. I'm loving these moments on your blog. This one hovers in the profound realm.



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