Monday, January 16, 2012

The sound of the springs

The sound of the springs on the new trampoline rise above even the screams. I don't like jumping, my stomach flies up, I lose the sense that my arms are connected to my shoulders, proprioception gone backward, and when the world appears at the top of the safety net it feels like only an edge. I prefer the ground going down deep and forever.

Small Stone 16


  1. This is wonderful. I don't like jumping either. I have a hard enough time staying connected to this planet.

  2. Did you take the photo while jumping? Such great descriptions of going airborne - I think I'll stay on solid ground,too. (But, my Grands would love it!)

  3. I wonder if this month of small stones has changed the way you look at/listen to the world. I'm curious since I can't seem to stick with it for more than a few days. I wish I could and I am inspired by your stones.

    I love jumping. For me, torture consists of swinging. As a child I could do it for hours, higher and higher, but after pregnancy, it just makes me nauseous.

  4. I love to jump, I love to leap. Years of my childhood spent at diving team practices.

    But I'm claustrophobic. I hate feeling trapped.

    Security to me feels like wide open air.

  5. There are those of us who are afraid to fly.
    But I do love to swing. Which is another kind of flying and one which allows me to hold on tightly as I do it.

  6. I LOVE jumping! But like Kari, pregnancy ruined swinging for me. Wonder why that is?

    Either way, your words are poetry!

  7. Yea! Glad to hear it's not just the kids getting up on the tramp!

    Sometimes it's fun to lie on it and have someone else bounce you up and down.



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