Sunday, January 8, 2012

What southern Californians do on January weekends

Eat home-made Three Kings Cake
(the tradition is to bake a challah-like egg bread and put a small king's crown into one of the side rolls. The person who pulls it off and finds the crown is the King for the day. We used a Lego helmet)

Put Up Trampolines Under Orange-Laden Trees

Swing under Tangerine-Laden Tree

Watch Squirrels Demolish Oranges


  1. Sounds good. And who got to be king for a day? Do actual privileges follow beyond the mere title? And are they respected? I wonder.

  2. In Mexico if you find the baby jesus in the bread you have to host the tamale party or something like that.
    I'd rather be King, quite frankly and eat someone else's tamales.
    Beautiful pictures of a weekend in Southern California.

  3. You know what? I have never seen an orange tree. No I have not. I love your pictures though. Thanks for sharing your day.

  4. I would like to move to Southern CA! Lovely pictures and activities. The Lego crown was quite clever.

  5. Love the setting. Looks very meditative. You will have to post photos of the trampoline being used. xo

  6. love this post. and yes, would love to see pics of the trampoline in use!

    you know, i was telling my daughter about oliver purchasing a whole set of trophies at the yard sale and setting them up at the foot of his bed (we were watching the modern family episode where mitchell gets his professional trophy and cam puts his fishing trophy next to it, did you see?) and she just fell in love with oliver right then!

    i love how our lives touch here.

  7. That looks like a good day, indeed. I loved seeing your husband and children enjoying the sunshine. And what a beautiful cake!

  8. a good slice of life. i'm glad for it.

  9. fun stuff

    your january looks like our july



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