Monday, October 26, 2015

Writing by Writers and Tomales Bay

Tomales Bay, 2015

I received a fellowship to attend the Writing By Writers workshop at Tomales Bay. I worked over five days in close study with fourteen goddesses and one poet-god under the beautiful stewardship of Lidia Yuknavitch. She, along with Pam Houston, Mark Doty, Steve Almond, Dorothy Allison and Greg Glazner were all there, reading, teaching, talking, dancing and eating alongside us.

It seems, today, like a dream. I am over-full. Leaking over and out.


  1. Sounds like the dreamiest of dreams, one filled with so much. I hope that you never wake up from it entirely but that it informs your life in the very best of ways.
    You deserve. You deserve. You deserve.

  2. Ahhh, sounds like heaven. Glad to know your absence was happy and rewarding. Glad to know you are back and leaking - it will spread to all.

  3. I missed you but such a wonderful and well-deserved treat!

  4. Sounds like a terrific opportunity. I saw Mark Doty read once in New York and I was so impressed I bought his book -- and I still have it. I'm glad you had a chance to absorb some of that artistic energy and I look forward to experiencing the results!

  5. You had me worried this past week. I'd gotten so used to your daily posts to boost my spirits. I'm relieved to hear that you abandoned us all for a such a worthwhile reason. And while I'm here, I've been meaning to say that Henry before his Homecoming Dance was strikingly handsome. (And, from all I've read about him, it's clear those good looks are not just skin-deep.)



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