Monday, February 9, 2009

A Bottle of Pills and a Box of Rain

The new medicine that I posted about last week came in today, and I reluctantly went over to the drugstore to pick it up. I had to sign some form that said I had received counseling from the pharmacist regarding my prescription and when I asked about it, the clerk sent the pharmacist over. He didn't have much to offer in the way of counsel, given that it was the first time he'd filled that particular drug. He kindly offered, "I believe it should stop the seizures where they start," and I smiled and nodded my head and thanked him.

I believe it should stop the seizures where they start.

I told the boys at dinner tonight that we should say a prayer that the new medicine will help stop Sophie's seizures.

"Do you think she might talk, then?" Henry asked. He always asks this question.
"Will she still have special needs if her seizures stop?" Oliver asked.

Henry said a short prayer and we ate our dinner.

I believe it should stop the seizures where they start. I repeated this to myself, but it was more like every other thought. The "other" was I can't believe we're giving her another drug. I don't want to give her another drug.

Sophie had a terrible day, and you'd think that would be enough to compel, impel me to just give her the med and be done with it. But I stalled until shortly before her bedtime when I opened a small plastic cup of applesauce and spooned it into her mouth, the pill a bland pink oval slipped into her mouth.


I believe it should stop the seizures where they start.

On another note, we drove around in the rain again, today, listening to the Grateful Dead. We had a good conversation going about what, exactly, was a box of rain. Oliver said it was God's tears, and Henry said it was impossible. In any case, we all LOVE the song.


  1. I hope it helps - I can't tell you how much I hope. We're praying for Sophie here, too.

  2. "...Just a box of rain -
    wind and water -
    Believe it if you need it,
    if you don't just pass it on..."

    One of my all-time favorite sing-alongs, too. I have been praying for your beautiful daughter to respond positively to that medicine.

  3. Thank you, Julia and hope505 for your kind comments and prayers. They mean so much to me.

  4. I'm praying too ..... that's some kind of promise coming with that pill .... I hope they're right.

  5. I will hope for the best, and sing with you on the chorus.

  6. okay. i'm saying it now too: i believe it should stop the seizures where they start.

    a group mantra.

    and a box of rain.

  7. Let relief rain down, prayers be answered and words ring true.

  8. Oh I hope your next post is about the miraculousness of that little pill.
    Only good thoughts coming your way

  9. My fingers are crossed. Having been through so many rounds of drug therapy ourselves, so many different combinations, trying to painfully unwind the combinations sometimes to find out what isn't working--and then some help and some don't and you just, well, think it looks like some do. And you want to help your kid, and you just take a deep breath and hold it and pray that it helps or at the very least does no harm.

    I share your anxiety, but I pray, I really pray, that there's a benefit.

  10. Of course, I pray for Sophie. But those boys of yours...I just love em' Elizabeth, I really do. They are so special. And I so want for them to hear Sophie talk. Their big sister Sophie. I pray that they hear her talk.



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