Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Did I tell you

that I'm leaving tomorrow morning for a three week stay in South Carolina? Did I tell you that I'm taking Sophie this year and calling it the "vacation" -- quotes laden with irony?

I throw out the big questions to the universe, the big appeals. I'm grateful for the small things.

My appeal to the universe is quite trivial today.

Help me to get ready for our "vacation."
Help me not to yell at the children as they watch endless hours of television today.
Help me to survive the plane trip with Sophie tomorrow.
Give Sophie a good day tomorrow.


  1. Praying for the best possible outcome as you travel tomorrow!

  2. Hoping for the best of everything--today, weather, Sophie's health, plane trip tomorrow.

    And that you'll have help, peace and relaxation while you're gone. Plus multiple servings of South Carolina vinegar-based BBQ (good BBQ has gotta help).

  3. I hope you have a great trip! Vacations take on a whole new meaning when we travel with kids with special needs, don't they! Have fun!

    By the way, we got our referral to UCL epilepsy center. I am excited to get over there and get their opinion!

  4. Sending good wishes for a good trip to South Carolina and hope that both you and Sophie enjoy. If you are in Charleston, you'll be in a place where we lived before moving to the Chicago area. Wherever you are, I hope you are the recipient of good low-country hospitality and food. The weather is another story all together!!


  5. the getting there, to vacations, is daunting under the most ideal circumstances, so praying for the extra needed everything .

    will you post from there? I can't possibly imagine three weeks without you.

    family, sand, endless food prep, long nights. memories. so glad to hear you are doing this.

  6. Candles will be lit, good vibes will be send with the wind, thoughts of peaceful traveling with Sophie are already thought, and you will have some hours of peace and quiet to be by yourself, with yourself and renew from head to toe what you need to be at peace and quiet. Safe journey, may the goodness of the Universe be your constant companion and bring you back home safe.

  7. i'll definitely keep you in prayer Elizabeth. i hope for deep contentment for you on vacation. xo

  8. I hope Sophie and you all will have a good trip tomorrow. I'll keep you in my thoughts.

  9. Hope you have a wonderful time and hope Sophie has a good day.

  10. Yes. I am hoping the universe hears your plea. And it's an important one. It is, Mama.
    Please blog when you're away from home. You're so much a part of my life now. It would make me so sad not to read your words for three weeks.

  11. Amen. And may it be a TRUE vacation, with rest, humor, love and JOY for all of you. Amen.
    Please take lots of pics! xoxoxo

  12. Praying for a smooth uneventful trip and a restful peaceful time in South Carolina. Please blog if you have a chance.



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