Saturday, September 19, 2015

Saturday Musings

I saw a pigeon dying in the middle of the turn lane on La Brea this afternoon. I sat at a red light and watched its wings flapping, its efforts to get up, the cars flying by, my eyes pricking with tears.

I don't want to talk about the circus, The Clown, The HP Destroyer, The Ayn Rand Lover, The Texan, The Lethargic Scion, or The Big Guy.

It makes me tired and irritable that all the people I know eat or smoke marijuana products with ease, while I and the other people I know in similar circumstances have to gird our loins daily to deal with the above circus.

Why don't you travel with Sophie to other states? someone asked last night at a party. Because it's a felony to transport marijuana, and I do not trust that if caught, the Powers That Be would be reasonable and let me remain Sophie's conservator, I said.

Sunlight. Broken windows. Dark rooms.

There's still illumination.


  1. I'm sorry...about the pigeon and nasty people...I wish I could say I believe in miracles or other good things but I think those days are long gone. I'm really not sure what keeps me going these days...

  2. I am at a point in my life where it is all I can do to take in that which is right before me. I read an opinion piece in the paper this morning and part of me was roused to answer it and part of me thought, "What's the damn point? Let it be."
    Yes. Still. Illumination.

  3. Beautiful post. The full catastrophe.

    XXX Beth

  4. It makes me tired and irritable that things like this happen in your world. That with all the other shit you have to deal with, all the boulders you must step over or try to navigate around each and every day, you must as well try to watch the sharp edges of these pebble like daily shit things - well, not the bird, that really was a hard thing.
    I know, it's stuff we all have to deal with every day in so many ways. But it gets to my heart when I think of you having to do it too.

  5. I think I got most upset at the idea that there are people who ever hear what you have to say and respond with "why don't you just...?" That makes me more angry than the circus. I am sorry.

    But you did me a huge favor by characterizing the GOP Presidential race as a circus because instantly I was free when the phrase, "not my circus, not my monkeys" popped into my head. I can sit and watch or leave the arena for a happier place.


  6. Poor pigeon. It kills me to see things like that -- terrible things that happen every day, and you can't do anything.

    I did not watch the circus either. I know I'm not voting for any of those people, so honestly, why bother?

  7. Are you having trouble getting what you need for Sophie? I hope not. Hugs.



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