Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Broken Record of THC, Baby

I think ya'll are in need of a Sophalofa update,  no? Let's all knock on wood three times, on the ceiling like you mean it. We've gotten through another minuscule wean of the benzo, and Sophie is sitting up, eating and drinking and walking and humming and not-sleeping and not-seizing like a champ. The THC is helping her.

The benzo, legally prescribed and given to her over much of her twenty-two years on the planet, damaging her brain and causing Benzo Withdrawal Syndrome does not work. It harms her.

The THC and CBD are helping her.

Let me type that again: The THC is helping her. 

Did you hear that Jim Sessions, Tom Price and all the rest of you goons on the cabinet and in the legislature of the Disunited States of Amerikkka, Inc.? Canada is moving right along with federal policy. You can read about that here. If the country didn't discriminate against those with disabilities immigrating there, I'd be putting on my tiny mother mind™ thinking hat right over that pink pussy one that I'd need anyway given Canada's chilly climate.


THC, baby. CBD. Whole plant cannabis medicine.


Did you read this?

A pharma company that spent $500,000 trying to keep pot illegal just got DEA approval for synthetic marijuana

Don't peel yourself off the floor or anything. You've heard it all right here for years. I've walked by Insys' tables at epilepsy conventions and "brain" summits, walked by their smiling reps and picked up and perused their glossy brochures. I have probably benefitted from their underwriting of epilepsy projects. In the words of Ron Woodroof in Dallas Buyers Club (watch the whole thing, please, because his final line is what I'm saying):

This has been a Public Service Announcement.

If you want to learn more about cannabis medicine, I highly recommend you purchase Dr. Bonni Goldstein's book Cannabis Revealed. I helped her to tell the stories of many people who are seeing amazing results for various diseases and conditions, and you can read about them as well as learn about the history of the plant, how it works, what the latest research tells us, how to dose and other invaluable information. Because of my contributions, I do make a small amount for every copy sold, so this is also my disclosure, but even if I didn't, I'd tout the book as it's the best one out there about a subject that we still, evidently, can't convince the Powers That Be to get their heads out of their fannies, look past the cold, hard cash and start helping people like Sophie with it. Send a copy to Sessions et al, if you're so inclined, to help their view. It's dark and stinks up there.

Cannabis Revealed


  1. Thanks for the link to the book. I've been wanting my friend with MS to read it.

  2. That movie is amazing.
    You are amazing.
    Sophie is amazing.

  3. Thank God for THC! Just last week here in NM GW pharmaceuticals lobbied for a bill that would have made all CBD without a prescription illegal which would have conveniently made their shitty product the only thing legal. It came out of nowhere. I was so worried since we use Haleigh's Hope, it would have stopped all CBD from being able to come in to the state. Thankfully there was an uproar and it didn't make it out of committee but it got pretty close. I have a feeling they are testing the waters to try and do this on a grander scale. Pretty scary.

  4. I am completely behind the legalization of cannabis here in Canada. One concern I have is at present, there is nothing in place to test for driving under the influence. There are a few other minor details that need to be in place before it becomes legal such as where it can be smoked. We also have problems in our community with the dispensaries. Some are allowed. Some aren't. It's really all over the place. Some stores are getting closed down while others remain open. Some are allowed to sell food, others are not. I have wanted to go into a store to purchase but in some stores I can get arrested and others I would not. I really hope these issues get fixed before the legalization.

  5. Please be patient. Jared Kushner has just been appointed to fix everything!!


  6. Woo hoo! I'm SO GLAD to hear Sophie's doing well on the THC. Yes, the USA's national drug policies (such that they are) are fucked. Thank goodness you and others, with personal experience, are speaking out and speaking truth to power!

  7. I always want a Sophie update. The undeniable medicinal benefits of marijuana are so stunning and beautiful. Why do we need a synthetic? LOL!! I'm baffled by the ways capitalism, dare I say hegemony, skew with nature and common sense. You and Mother Earth got this.

  8. I was reading somewhere, can't remember where, that MMJ is only going through what it is in the govt because Big Pharm needs time to get their hooks into it. They are slowly doing that in some states apparently, where larger companies are forcing smaller growers out, and thus lowering the quality of the product and its potency. I am butchering the facts I gotta find that article...crap.

  9. CBD, which if I understand correctly one doesn't need a medical marijuana card to purchase, is very helpful for a number of health problems, I'm told.

  10. Loved that movie too and we just ordered the book. Hoping it will help us tweak C.'s dosages of CBD and THC for better control. Thanks!



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