Monday, September 18, 2017

Everything real, with gratitude

Sophie's humming again. To distraction. This is good because it means that she's alert, not seizing, trying to figure things out, to communicate. Verbs like muscles. Verbs are muscles. You like me honest so I'll say that the humming can either be a hammer or a song. We're either our thoughts or we're not, and the living is in the vagary.

The Bird Photographer took that photo, and because it's not particularly sharp is why I love it and he probably doesn't. He brought me a bunch of roses this weekend that were honestly astounding.


  1. Good news is always good! The rose is lovely!!


  2. I love that picture too, the softness of it, the embrace implied.

    Funny, when my husband first came out of surgery and was in intensive care, he hummed too. It was the strangest thing, I had no idea of the tune, but on that day, it was a song.

    I am wrapping you and Sophie in love from here. Oliver and Henry too.

  3. Hum away, dear Sophie. Sending you love.

    I like the rose picture very much. I like even more that they were given to you, Elizabeth, because you are loved.

  4. Sophie's song...
    "If I had a hammer"?
    Ah- roses from your love. What could be sweeter?

  5. "We're either our thoughts or we're not, and the living is in the vagary." Quite.

  6. Right there with you on the humming/hammering. Here's to living in the vagary.



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