Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Orgasms for Caregivers, Part 1 in a Series*

When the insurance company denies a claim for a drug that your daughter has been on for nine years (in its liquid form) and suggests (via its Pharmacists and Physicians Panel) switching to the tablet form of the exact same drug for coverage (in a form letter that you imagine is a sort of MadLibs), and your neurologist's office has a DESIGNATED PERSON who does the appeal for you.

* In addition to the afore-mentioned orgasm, this action on the part of the DESIGNATED PERSON is also filed under Inadvertent Ways of Apoplexy Avoidance Of Caregiver


  1. If only they had a designated person to do ALL insurance-related paperwork! Is there such a thing as too much...ahem...pleasure?

  2. We do indeed live in Bizarro world.



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