Sunday, January 21, 2018

Baking Cakes

No, I'm not advocating bomb-making, but I can make a cake.

Flourless Chocolate Cake for Everyone Needs Cake™
As for bombs, I can throw around the f-ones, particularly in these dark times. I found this article really illuminating. It sheds light on anger, my own in particular.

I used to insist I didn't get angry. Not anymore. On female rage.

Here's a favorite paragraph with words attributed to Audre Lord:
Anger isn’t just a blaze burning structures to the ground; it also casts a glow, generates heat and brings bodies into communion. “Every woman has a well-stocked arsenal of anger potentially useful against those oppressions,” Lorde writes, “which brought that anger into being.

If you're Homeland Security, be assured. I might be an angry woman (at times), but I'm not making any bombs.

Did ya'll go to the Women's Marches in your city? I didn't go this year because my little sister and her daughter were visiting, and -- to tell you the truth -- just wanted to be quiet. I'm so moved by the numbers of people who showed up, though, all over the world. It gives one hope, right?

Here's one of my favorite posters:

Last week I interviewed the founder of the Pussy Hat Project, Kat Coyle. She's the owner of The Little Knittery, a much-loved community knitting store. I'm writing an article about it for The Los Angeles Times. Stay tuned.

I bought a skein of pink wool to make another pussy hat.
Kat is the one knitting in the background. She's so cool I can hardly stand it.

This is over the door of her new store -- so weird and wonderful how women make history.

Yeah. It's been a wonderful weekend.

Playing Chicken Feet dominoes. I won.


  1. I think women ARE the bomb. In every regard.

  2. Well said Mary!That article truly is illuminating. Thanks for linking it.

  3. That cake has a remarkable amount of pouffe for a flourless one!

  4. i was at work during the march but saw some of them being TV. It made me feel hopeful. As for making cakes and bombs, I think I will leave that alone. I can’t make a decent cake to save my life. If I made a bomb I would end up ending it.


  5. Women sitting around knitting is so much more than women sitting around knitting. It's a revolution.

  6. Congrats on your domino win. I play a lot of dominoes but I have never played chicken foot. Will have to look into that.

  7. That article is so accurate... I've never minded being an Angry Women when I am indeed Angry... but it is perceived differently than when a Man is Angry... I think perhaps the Angry Woman is feared more because Society has raised Women to suppress it and use other more 'acceptable' Female Emotions to mask it. So when it is unleashed, it just seems more formidable. After all, is there anything Scarier and even more powerful than any Female defending her Offspring for example? I think not. Your Get Together looks like it was so enjoyable, so Glad you got to thoroughly Enjoy your Guests.

  8. So awesome! I'd love to visit that store.



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