Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Crowd-Sourcing with My Peeps with an Update

I'm working on an exciting new project that has the potential to be a game changer and really help caregivers of children with special healthcare needs and disabilities. I need your help.

I'm compiling a list of people in the Caregiver/Special Needs Healthcare/Disability Community and would love your suggestions.

Here are the categories:

  1. Real Parents (like yourselves or people you know)
  2. Creative people who are also parents or involved with caregiving
  3. Famous people: celebrities, writers, etc.
  4. CEOs 
  5. Organization Leaders that are also parents
  6. Big Foundation execs
  7. State and Federal Special Education Leaders
You don't have to know these people personally, although if you do, that's great (and I'll contact you separately to get more info) -- just know of them. I need names. If you could sit and really think about this, jot down names and either contact information or titles, I would really appreciate your list. If you're one of these people, please let me know!

I appreciate it and look forward to your lists!

**Please email me your lists if you don't want them "public." If you do have ideas on people, that's fine to leave their names right in the comments. My email is


  1. How do you want us to contact you with those names? Email? Comments here? I’m just wondering whether people I might know privately would want their names listed publicly here—for lots of reasons, including their own personal preferences. xoxo and congratulations to you!!!!!!!

  2. Did you see the story today on Richard Engel, NBC chief foreign correspondent? His son, age 2, was just diagnosed with Rett syndrome. I just sent you a link to the story.

  3. If I can help in any way let me know. Good luck!

  4. This is very exciting! I'm putting on my thinking cap!

  5. Why have you left actual people with disabilities out?

    1. Hi, Kate! I apologize for responding so late to your comment, but when a comment comes in for a post that's older than two weeks it isn't published without approval. The call is for caregivers of any kind, including those with disabilities. It's not for persons with disabilities unless they are caregivers. I hope that helps.



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