Thursday, March 1, 2018

The Sheering Sun

There are those with whom I have nothing in common but the blood that runs in the veins. Cliche. The word blind doesn't mean what you think, if you're able and are you? Seeing nothing but light. Our shadow selves. Reading poetry this morning.

In the Beginning God
Said Light

Mary Szybist

and there was light.
Now God says, Give them a little theatrical lighting

and they're happy,
and we are. So many of us

dressing each morning, testing
endless combinations, becoming in our mirrors

more ourselves, imagining,
in an entrance, the ecstatic

weight of human eyes.
Now that the sun is sheering

toward us, what is left
but to let it close in

for our close-up? Let us really feel
how good it feels

to be still in it, making
every kind of self that can be

looked at. God, did you make us
to be your bright accomplices?

God, here are our shining spines.
Let there be no more dreams of being

more than a beginning.
Let it be

that to be is to be
backlit, and then to be only that light.

via poem-a-day


  1. Ah, the light is filtered through the clouds here today but it makes the red cardinal posing on a branch stand out that much more, its scarlet against the magnolia leaves and gray sky.
    I do believe that whatever "it" is, there is light and love at the base of it all.
    Good morning, dear Elizabeth. You are beautiful, no matter what the light which shines or does not shine, around you because you have your own.

  2. Everything about this post is exquisite, just as you are.

  3. such a celebration of the light

  4. its scarlet against the magnolia leaves and gray sky.

    สมัคร D2BET

  5. there is light and love at the base of it all.
    ** สมัคร D2BET**



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