Friday, May 8, 2020

Day 60

I've been ordering fresh produce from a local cooperative, and yesterday's delivery was a bonanza of greens and lettuces, radish and baby broccoli, a scattering of herbs and lemons, a grapefruit, some blueberries and onions and a couple of tiny worms. The rendering -- the washing the drying the organizing the storing -- of all this fresh produce gets my tiny little mother mind™ thinking about convenience and waste and the myriad depressing ways a lot of us live, saying we're too busy or can't be bothered or whatever. Whatever. I'm no farmer girl, no rural girl, no grower of my own vegetables nor do I have any desire to do any of that. What I do love is fresh food, recipes and cookbooks and puttering around in my kitchen doing domestic things. I also like fancy things -- half and half in a glass bottle, tiny little jars of pot de creme from France, a weird Italian green that tasted salty like the ocean or what I imagine a cactus (it looked like one). I don't have much to say other than I've been depressed in a way that I can't remember being depressed and I'm very much aware of the luxury in that statement and the unoriginality in the condition. I'm angry, too, but I'm made of anger in no small part and as the gray takes over my hair I will try to be as exuberant as unapologetic because it's all about letting go letting god letting.

as much as i try to be an easygoing, stretch your wings and fly type... i just can't stop trying to burst people into flames

a card that a beloved sent me

People I'm Currently Trying to Burst Into Flames In No Particular Order, Except for the First Three:

Donald Trump
Mike Pence
Mitch McConnell
Men with submachine guns
Men who assault women
Men who kill black people
Men who shoot children
Men who beat up women
Men who make stupid jokes
Men who harass women
Men who are religious zealots
Men who date girls
Men who refuse to apologize
Men who can't get their shit together

Feel free to add to the list.


  1. Depression, the fuel for anger, or is it anger, the fuel for depression? Not sure, but I have both; they seem to like to hang out with one another.

    I don't have any desire for people to burst into flames but I find it sickening to read about what is going on in the US government and the Republican party. It's beyond despicable.

    Sending love and hugs.

  2. What a great picture and a great post to go with it. You covered a lot of my bases there.
    And thanks for making the bursting into flames list. Now I don't have to.
    Love you, woman.

  3. Why have those men not got Covid and died yet? Not inviting karma, Karma, but really, haven't they been trying really hard?

  4. There is a glimmer of hope regarding Trump: his personal valet has the virus and maybe Trump will get it, too. Talk about a reality check for someone who has NO CLUE what the rest of us are grappling with. I'm adding to your list: Rush Limbaugh, crazy evangelicals, and Sean Hannity. There. That just about covers it.

  5. Spot on, though I so wish you weren't.

  6. I've been Craving the Fresh Foods too and since they're perishable and I've only made sporadic Death Runs to the Grocer, for obvious reasons, it's a Treat when I can stock any during Pandemic. We got a bounty of them Yesterday and have been gorging heavily upon it all. I can second your bursting into Flames List... along with some Women behaving Badly during Pandemic... I'm seeing way too much Stupid, Cavalier Behavior out there the moment things Opened back up... and I see a great Undoing of all that has been accomplished thus far with the Sacrifices, due to the Uninformed, Stubborn and Stupid... perhaps Natural Selection will thin those Herds, I'm just certain they'll infect too many of the rest of us before that happens though. *Le Sigh*

  7. Why do the fates allow the evil doers to continue on this rampage while so many suffer and die? Maybe a question that has been asked since the beginning of civilization (or so called civilization at this time).

  8. Wonder what kind of worms those are? Wonder if you could turn them into butterflies?!

    I don't disagree with anyone on the "burst into flames" list. I would add to the list women who support Trump and who get out there and wave their MAGA signs alongside all the stupid men you've already called out. Because what is THAT about?!?! Don't they realize they're instruments of their own oppression?

    Dave and I keep saying, "Wouldn't it be perfect karmic justice if Donald Trump comes down with COVID-19?" I know we're not alone in thinking those thoughts.

  9. I want the flames of enlightenment to burst into the minds of the names on your list. I agree with Steve that the same should happen to the women who support Trump and his ilk, especially the woman who is holding up a 'my body my choice' sign at an anti-mask / anti-shutdown rally.
    I think even the virus finds Trump and Pence toxic, their aides have got infected, but not them.

  10. Men who refuse to wear masks because they think they'll look stupid.
    Men who refuse to wear masks because they won't look 'manly'.



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