Wednesday, August 12, 2020


Making gazpacho on the verge

 A series of movie clips:

So, I can't go into it here, Reader, but I'm being grifted. It's outrageous and frustrating and hurtful emotionally and financially. There's nothing I can do about it, and while I wish I could tell you more, I don't want to enable The Grifter. I've gotten good legal advice about The Grifter and have accepted it. Accepted that I'm being grifted and can do nothing about it, that is.

My tiny little mother mind™ learned from a friend about a concept called status inconsistency which is fascinating, especially when I look on it as a kind of personality disorder. It would explain The Grifter, for sure.

In real life, I am thinking of that old Pedro Almodovar movie Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown. Have you seen it?

In more cheerful news, both my dudes are home for a short time before leaving to go to their respective campuses where they will be studying virtually or doing some sort of hybrid thing during The Great Pandemic. They are really the greatest sons in the universe. And Sophie is doing pretty well. We had a scare with a person close to us who came down with The Covid and had to be hospitalized, but she is recovering, and we all tested negative (this time, for what it's worth). Sophie had an EEG the other day, and I had to badger The Nice Neurologist for the results, but I'm happy to report that it's the same old, messed-up EEG that it's always been with no ESES.

We have a lot to be thankful for, including the recent appointment to Vice Presidential-candidate, Kamala Harris. I think she's exciting, strong, interesting, brilliant and presidential. At this point, Terrible America could use even a kindergartner to replace the present POSPOTUS, so we're on the way out if not up with Harris.

What are ya'll doing?


  1. I send all my Italian nonas' evil eye the Grifter's way.

    I'm abiding over here, the eternal water-treading of COVID, the unbloggable, existing as a Woman in America. I love that photo of your kids. I love that they are home for a bit. xoxo

  2. I'm sorry about the damn grifter. Love that you have your boys around another little while. Glad Sophie's been okay as well. Thrilled about Kamala. Again---I just hate hearing the news about The Grifter and that you can't do anything about it. THAT sucks!

  3. I knew you were referring to that movie soon as I saw the gazpacho and the verge. Love it. Sorry about the bad stuff.

  4. I would love to spit a curse to the grifter but it wouldn't do a thing. He's going to boil in his own juices eventually. I just hope that happens sooner rather than later.
    As to what I'm doing? Healing. Dealing. Feeling.
    All that sort of stuff.
    I love you. You and yours are beautiful.

  5. Oh this grifter has me boiling. My three college people are doing wildly different things- I don’t know what to say, other than “keep moving forward “ as best you can in spite of the state of the world right now. Onward, all of us!

  6. I'm glad Sophie is well, safe and healthy. And your boys are home which I'm sure you're enjoying.

  7. Sorry about being grifted. Glad all the Kids are doing well. Enjoy the time with the Sons.

  8. Loved that film. Todo Sobre Mi Madre as well. Sending good wishes to you and yours. As always enjoying your writing.

  9. I walked thrice in a circle before sunrise and put my strongest spell on the grifter. Seriously, I'd do it every morning if it helps.

    But your kids are impressive. Also, gazpacho.

  10. It must be excruciating to watch yourself being grifted and be unable to respond. I'm so sorry. Your children are radiantly beautiful, they shine so bright with goodness it's almost blinding. You did that.

  11. Your gallows humor is as sharp as ever. Also, I love the phrase “the eternal water treading of Covid” (thank you, Ramona Quimby). I laughed when I watched the gazpacho clip and connected the dots to your photo. I’m so sorry your friend had Covid (a young friend of ours, as well, was quite ill) but glad both our friends are recovering. Glad you are surviving, in spite of everything. May grifters everywhere (including our current president) fall into giant vats of gazpacho and forget how to drink or swim.

  12. I'm so glad your sons are home and spending time with you and Sophie. Sorry about the grifter (which I know is a completely inadequate thing to say). The world is full of lunatics. Seriously.

    Oh, and thank goodness for the negative Covid tests!

  13. Dearest E-I forgot about gazpacho! It's so good and easy to make, like drinking vitamins and sunshine. I must make some. It's tough, living alone to make a big ole pile of anything. So my friends and neighbors get some of my largess. I did make apple butter and elderberry syrup. Fie on anyone who is harassing you. There is a special place in hell for such sorry beings. Your beautiful children...



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