Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Power to the Peaceful


In reaching deep I discard let go of all the old things but not for new things new ways new anything. This place where I find myself is not the flip side of light or the flip side of dark but the point where the flip happens. It was foggy this morning, the sun orange through what might be smoke from the Bobcat fire to the east and I think of what's burning what's burned how we take it all in to our bodies face lifted. The little yellow green birds that splash in the blue fountain. That thin strip of decay the yellow tulip will bow                       


tomorrow. A thin strip of fabric veils our bodies, 200000 dead despite. The mediocrity of evil. Each dust mote and the way the way it moves in air.

Watch this video.


  1. Yes. This place. Power to the peaceful. Patti Smith. Thank you, Elizabeth.

  2. Yes, we do have to reach so deep! To retain our Peace and to be Peaceful in the face of such Evil is a challenge, I sometimes struggle with it. To put up resistance to violence in a Peaceful way takes all we have in us that is good and decent.

  3. A powerful poem about being, not acceptance exactly, but letting things be what they are even as we move to what comes next, and change it by our very being and moving. That's how it struck me anyway, and beautifully written, too. I have been musing on the mundanity of evil, how it can become so extreme that we are no longer shocked by its ever expanding manifestation. How is spite of it, in full view of it, we carry on. This shocks me most of all, really, that we carry on, because we don't know what else to do.

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