Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day One

The fun never stops over here. Although the house is quiet, I'm not -- at least not on the inside. It seems that I have to go get some repeat screening -- testing of the annual type -- the words that all women slightly fear on their annual: I wouldn't worry about it, but please come in tomorrow for another look. If you're the praying type, please send one up and around, because I really don't have time for this sort of thing. :0

On another note, I read this in the quiet this morning and wonder if I might craft a bit of a retreat of my own in the day or so that I have left before The Boys come home. The idea of spending a week or so in the Italian countryside to do nothing but read and perhaps eat good food and take small walks -- well, that sounds like paradise to me. If I do so at home, I can enjoy our glorious weather, read the stack of New Yorkers and finish the Bonnie Jo Campbell novel. I might even crack the new Ann Patchett.

And I guess I'll finally chime in with the scandale over at the blog Marissa's Bunny, a site that I've directed my readers to several times -- the author, Mike W. has a baby girl (at least we think he does, although who knows now?) with infantile spasms and recently offered free iPads to many, many families who have children with special needs. Over the last couple of weeks, I was informed by a good blogger friend that she and someone else had unearthed some unsavory details about Mike and that they suspected the whole thing was a scam. It appears that Mike has a criminal record for similar scams and the whole giveaway appears to be another one. The special blogsphere (I hate that word) is freaking out -- for some good reasons, but I, being a more jaded and perhaps bitter sort, feel my eyebrows in a permanently raised position. It annoys me to no end that I sent people to Mike's blog and encouraged them to apply for the giveaway; it also annoys me that I had several private email exchanges with Mike himself, and he prevaricated and basically lied to me about what was going on. Both Ken and Heather have masterminded a Mission iPossible to get iPads to those kids that were promised them -- so hop on over and visit.

As far as the rest of the freak-out, I said to Ken over at Blogzilly and Heather at Little Wonders, I'm just sitting here on the dock of the bay, watching the tide roll away. 


  1. I think that after a certain age, every damn one of those tests you get requires a call back. I have been terrified far too many times only to hear that I have "senior tissue." Well that's a big duh.
    As to Mike W. (?)- uh, scamming special needs parents? How low can you go?

  2. you'll be fine. i adore that picture of sophie on the beach.

  3. Hoping for the best results on your return visit!!


  4. Thinking of you.

    Not what you needed, ever, but especially during this week of quiet.

    the ipad scandal makes me sick if it is true. will be following this one. they have no idea who they have crossed, I'm sure. xo, M

  5. It is better to prevent than having to cure. The voice of experience here. Quan Yin has a new candle since last night.

    And as far as that poor excuse for a human being, Mike? I don't know that I believe in heaven and hell as many others do. But I tell you what I believe in: if there is a hell, I am sure there is a special place there, front row center for people like him. He who toys with the feeling of someone in need must have the blackest Karma ever feared and I believe it would take nothing short of a miracle to clean it.

  6. Praying with you. I detest those call-backs - I had one in December which turned out to be "nothing." It sure didn't FEEL like "nothing." Sending love.

    I can't even comment about Mike.

  7. I hope you call-back goes as well as mine did last week! I will be practicing Tonglon in your direction today.

    I leave this week on my 2 week reading vacation - no internet, lousy cell reception, and a beach. The most important part of my packing is happening today - loading a flat rate box with books and dropping it off at the post office :)

  8. thinking of you.

  9. Thinking of you. I believe it will be fine.

    I hope you can enjoy some quiet. I finished the Ann Patchett the other day. It's a very satisfying read.

    Take care xo

  10. Praying! Let us know ASAP..re: blog scam...geez!

  11. re. ipad thing - are you freakin' serious?!?! un.believable.

  12. ah, damn that I missed this.
    I 'm always thinking only the best for you regardless, that goes without saying of course, but still.

    and the scam? no words.



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