Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekend Roundup and a Sophie/Patti Smith Series

Oliver on his bunk at camp

Retro camp

I'm going to be fine

Brotherly love

Henry at lacrosse camp

Henry's dorm room at camp

The photographer

messing around with Picnik again

Sophie as Patti Smith Series






  1. And then the light came shining and my mind opened to it all.
    Bless you and those babies of yours.

  2. Is that a hand lathed pepper mill in the back ground? or a salt shaker? it could also be neither, I suppose. The images are awesome, I always see anime pet animal shapes beneath the surface though, mocking me like the figurines do is the glass display cases at laughing planet.

    but seriously, I did appreciate your use of roman numerals. Today I read them as if they were letters (which they kind of are, technically, so maybe it is not really all that crazy if I read the numerals as letters literally, even if they represent numbers) not that that act adds or detracts anything from my actual sanity of course.

    whew, your making me break a sweat with this post Elizabeth

  3. it strikes me that your kids are having very different summer experiences, and then they come together at home, and bring who they are and make everything rich and full of love. Sophie's room looks like heaven to me. So soft and embracing your lovely Patti Smith girl. Such evocative pictures.

  4. Your kids all shine their own personalities and realities in these shots .... Even the mom self portraits shine your own essence as mom of it all. You have a truly beautiful family.

  5. Love it all.
    Sophie as Sophie as Patti. Cool. Very cool.

  6. Love the pictures - but I will note that I am suddenly grateful for my many years because that camp bed (cot?) makes my back hurt just looking at! I guess that's why I don't get to go to camp anymore.

  7. you have the most beautiful eyes... as do your children. and sophie makes a beautiful rock star.

  8. Great photos! Love the Patti Smith series. Aidan does the same thing with his legs that Sophie's doing in the last photo. I don't ever remember being that flexible!

  9. Patti Smith rocks! and so do your kids

  10. She kind of does look like Patti Smith in those pics. Very cool! I love the camp pictures. Your boys are so handsome. I remember camp and the feeling it gave you when your mom left. Your boys look precious.

  11. Tell Sophie that is my favourite shirt - it makes her look , I don't even know.

    I want to go to camp. With a good bed. And the ocean. And good coffee. Okay, maybe a retreat or resort.



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