Saturday, May 5, 2012

Day Bits

Baseball season also means the jacaranda trees are in bloom.

Here's Oliver in his catcher uniform:

Here's Henry, post game and happy because they broke their recent losing streak with a 6-1 win over a really good team from Santa Monica!

While the boys were playing basketball, Sophie was ministered to by Mirtha, sitter and friend extraordinaire. She's also an amazing hairdresser, and Sophie is sporting straightened locks:

Finally, not to rub it in, but here's a picture of the roses grown effortlessly in my backyard garden. When I say effortless, I mean it. They get no fertilizer, no sprays, no weeding, minimal water (from the dry California skies) and only adoration from me.


  1. Oh Elizabeth. Henry is...a man. Almost.

    So you live in the Garden of Eden? Or what?


  2. Effortless beauty surrounding you? It only seems right and just.

  3. Ooh, I can smell that rose! Gorgeous!
    And Sophie's hair - gorgeous, too.

  4. Those are the best kind of roses! And while I love jacarandas, roses definitely smell better.

    I hope you enjoy watching baseball, with so much of it on your calendar. (I'm sure it's more fun to watch when your kids are involved!)

  5. So happy you get the roses with little effort! You deserve them.

  6. I love the photographs, all of them. And soon (if not already) Henry will be causing a mighty lot of swoons, just as those delicious pink roses made me swoon.

  7. Catching up on reading (I've been away). My cup is overflowing with the life in your exquisite writing, photos and the lagniappe of poems and videos.



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