Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dear You,

Dante in the Dark Wood, William Blake (1757-1827)

It's hard not to read reproach in your eyes after they've stopped twitching, and you lie, pale and spent, under the lavender quilt. Even as I tuck it around you, the quilt is small recompense for what you've endured, again. I had just sat down in the bathroom with a cookbook, of all things, when I heard the tell-tale sounds, a suffocating dog, so I placed the book on the floor, stood up and assembled myself as I walked to your room. Relieved to see you on the bed, this time, I lay my hand on your forehead and wiped the side of your mouth, and when you had finished I tucked the quilt around you, read reproach in your eyes before the lids closed and color pinked your cheeks.


  1. Dear you too, Elizabeth xo

  2. Oh, Elizabeth. All my love to you and Sophie.

  3. Oh. No words...just a tear...and a smile...

  4. And so it goes, without end.

  5. sending love and strength your way....

  6. Dear Elizabeth,

    If I were Sophie, I'd love you beyond all words.

  7. I was so sad as I read "reproach" in your writing more than once. I wanted to look it up, it's origins, and see if there was some redeeming answer there somewhere. When I went to to look, a pop-up window appeared that said:

    "reproach is a GRE word you need to know. So is revere. It means regard with respect tinged with awe."

    I'm certain that it is no accident this was the word that appeared.


  8. I'm sure Sophie feels reproach with you at the truck that just hit her. If somehow it was, in fact at you, then it was circumstantial and misdirected; as brains post seizure juggernaut run-in can tend to be combative, even towards those they know and love. :o/ It sucks, and i'm not even at the receiving end of it.

    Do you know Laura Marling? She sings a short song called, "Crawled Out of the Sea". It reminded me of you and Sophie. My music predilections have been deemed thumbs down by my peers, so it may be terrible, but i love her:

    Crawled Out of the Sea

  9. Sophie is very lucky that you are tough enough to "take it".. perhaps the reason why is because you are able to write about it. I come away thinking about how weary these seizures must be for everyone.. and more amazed at everyone's ability to cope with it.. most of all you and Sophie.



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