Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday grumps

It's Monday, my favorite day of the week, usually, but perhaps the great moon event (that I missed) has subtly altered the tilt of the universe out of my favor and instead of standing in the tide with cool water lapping over my feet, I'm buried in the sand popping out tiny bubbles of breath. Snap, snap, this morning to each in turn and when I dropped Sophie off at school, I waited behind a car in the driveway as a boy literally dressed for school, pulling his jeans up and positioning them right under his ass, cinching his belt and ignoring my plea to please move and when I honked the horn, lightly, he sidled off and the driver, was it a friend, was it his mother -- purposely inched along and left me to fantasize about gunning the engine and then perhaps sailing up and over that piece of shit and into the sky, west.

When I googled image of old Italian peasant woman to express my mood, I got Sophia Loren which lends credence to that altered tilt in the universe.


  1. Ah. I am feeling that same tilt of the moon.
    Wish I looked like Sophia Loren.
    Lovely piece, Elizabeth. Lovely piece of words that make images.

  2. the moon will shift back. always does. treat yourself to something soothing in the meantime. :-)

  3. Ha, i'm with you. It's probably to the great fortune of the universe that i don't drive, as surely i'd have had at least one or two Twanda! moments by now. (Please tell me you've seen Fried Green Tomatoes.)

    I missed the full moon also. I hate to implicate something so charming and matriarchal as the moon, but it sure seemed i'd been smited by something mighty powerful. Truce Supermoon. Truce.

  4. omg, i adore that image of you gunning the engine and sailing up into the sky, away from all the aggravations. it's even more delicious because it wasn't how i expected the gunning-the-engine sentence to end! ha!

  5. Ha!--Despite your frustration, that made me laugh. As for Sophia Loren--well, beauty has a way of finding beauty.

  6. Oh, good, it isn't just me. This morning I walked out to take Lola to school to find a car whose entire electrical system had died (on a hybrid, that's a problem), a tow truck driver who got lost on his way to me, a receptionist at the dealership who was on her first day on the job and couldn't manage to figure out how to get me a loaner, and road construction everywhere I went. Despite the fact that it was an unseasonably gorgeous 77 degrees, all I wanted to do was crawl back in to bed. GAH!

  7. I guess Google is trying to redefine your mood! Maybe it's time to go to Rodeo Drive and buy some bling? :)



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