Sunday, May 27, 2012

Moonrise Kingdom

is the best Wes Anderson movie to date, I think. I saw it yesterday with my good friend and floated out afterward, grateful for that artist's unique and hilarious sensibilities. Here's a funny clip to get you excited about it:

When you see a movie at the Arclight Cinemas in Los Angeles, you often get the chance to see some of the props to the latest movies. Yesterday, they had some of the costumes and props from Moonrise Kingdom. I know it's sort of goofy -- and really no different than taking photos of kittens or animals at the zoo -- but indulge me:

Costumes worn by two protagonists


And if you're too high-brow to enjoy those, there are these photos of Red Vine Licorice Art, not in the movie but on display at the theater:

and up close:

I'm not kidding -- that's some fine art and another of the benefits of living in the city of angels.

Happy Sunday!


  1. Ooh boy. Ooh boy. I'm excited!

  2. Indeed, livin' la vida loca!

  3. love the licorice art. i'd be tempted to eat it though.

  4. I saw the most recent Star Trek movie at the Arclight. A pretty amazing movie theater! I guess I should check out "Moonrise Kingdom" -- I do like Wes Anderson's movies (though I always get him confused with Paul Thomas Anderson, the "Magnolia" guy).

  5. Working with kids and scouts and no amount of money can make that right.

    Gotta love that man. Thank you for this! I can't wait to see it.


  6. Just love Bill Murray. While I have him to thank for many comic expressions used continuously in this household, I also loved him in several dramtic roles. Lost in Translation is one of my favorites. I am looking forward to seeing this!

  7. I am so pumped about this film. So glad to hear it has your stamp of approval...I just love the little worlds W.A. creates, you know?

  8. This movie hasn't come here yet, and I'm hearing rumors that it won't come at all :(



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