Sunday, May 13, 2012

Rogue Wave Parenting

All this talk of the mommy wars (I shudder even typing it!) makes me raise my eyebrows and smirk, so when I saw this video on Facebook of a guy surfing what was dubbed THE BIGGEST WAVE EVER SURFED, I couldn't help but compare it to extreme parenting -- the parenting that those of us with chronically ill and disabled children do every moment, every day, every year. 

Here's to all of you -- mothers and fathers, guardians and caregivers, surfers of the big waves and amazing riders.

It felt kinda felt like a ton of bricks..but it was teeny little whitewater... The waves were not supposed to be that big that day... but because they're rogue waves.. As I rode this wave, it seemed pretty massive, but I couldn't really tell how big it was...when I got to the bottom and turned, and got around the wave and went to kick out, it landed on me, it felt like a ton of bricks...probably the most powerful one to land on me at the shoulder.

...and it was pretty amazing.


  1. Surfing is like running from and riding out monsters. As is, i imagine, parenting a child with special needs; only you ride out the monsters with your child in your arms. Who knows how.

    I can't watch surf movies.

  2. I love this analogy. You are a big wave surfer, Elizabeth. Sending love. x0x0 N2

  3. I think you are brilliant.

  4. This is such a perfect summation of so much of my own smirky, pissy disinterest in these newest manifestations of "Mommy Wars." Ugh. And may you continue to ride that rogue wave with grade, Elizabeth. Happy Mother's Day to you.

  5. I'll second that.

    To all those silent warriors and everyday saints who clean, caress, lift and guide with patience and honor through sorrow and joy. Amen

  6. And here's to you, amazing surfer! :-) I raise my glass of (orange juice) to you and your family. Happy Mother's Day!

    Like you, I despair at what I see as competitiveness amongst parents and "parenting experts". We all have different ways of raising our children. And as long as we're not hurting little Johnnie or little Mary, the world should accept us for what we are: amazing surfers.

    Greetings from London.

  7. Happy Mother's Day, Elizabeth; you deserve a great day!

  8. Amen Elizabeth, Amen!
    Happy Mother's Day....Dude!



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