Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Silence That Hums

A steady stream of hums and starts and stops, the goddess of non-verbal communication spoke of oceans and too-large moons, of tides and weariness and the swaying of trees, of dust motes that settle in lavender carpet dots and how light plays on window blinds through trees. I told Sophie, if you could talk this morning you would be positively chatty.


  1. that just washed over me like a warm wave.

    Very sweet.

  2. oh, i know that "steady stream of hums". its an aria with meaning tucked inside i can't translate. but, i pretend i can :)

    thank you by the way for your comment regarding my broad st. run. im serious, i was running an 11-min mile when i started. you can do anything you set your mind to!! if you like it, that is. some people don't :) (and i dont blame them!!) anyway, you are so encouraging and your happiness at my accomplishment REALLY made me feel good!! :)

  3. Sometimes the most beautiful things are unsaid, but felt deeply. Your daughter seems that way...from your beautiful words.

  4. Dear Elizabeth -- I don't think I've commented before but I've read a lot of your blog posts. It is an understatement to say you have a way with words and I love reading your posts. i love reading about the love surrounding Sophie. I can tell you are a beautiful, strong, loving force, and just a blessed being. You inspire me to be better. Joanne

  5. i read this earlier today and had no words. my throat felt full of tears and a smile at the same time. sophie positively chatty under her moon. wow.



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