Monday, May 7, 2012


I've made yet another wonderful connection through blogging, and this morning, right when I posted my crotchety thoughts for the day, I clicked on this video that she sent my way, along with the words that it reminded her of Sophie and me.

Thank you, dear ajax. Thank you.

Oh you crawled out of the sea,
Straight into my arms,
Straight into my arms


  1. fantastic song! i love how it builds and builds.

  2. That gave me chills and tears both. Your friend called it so right. You have the most incredible ability to love, it is amazing to watch.

    But your anger, frustration and indignation at the insanity around you somehow makes that love seem even more holy. You see, you see all of it, Elizabeth and you keep going, you keep loving. It's just amazing.

  3. A lucky mermaid, she is, that she found you.

  4. This is such a lovely connection, Elizabeth, on so many levels. The music is goosebumpingly gorgeous and the lyrics even better, but best of all is the connection to you and Sophie. What better way to describe this relationship?

  5. Another of those moments of synchronicity that the universe gifts us with......yes, sustenance!

  6. Wow! I'm gladdened and ever so grateful i could present some morsel in return for all you offer here. I'm afraid the symbiosis is far from equitable as your gifted and committed wordsmithing has resulted in this blog that is very much a buffet for the bleary soul.

    It's a brilliant work of art with contrasting lights and darks and blurred edges with intermittent moments of poignant clarity and unfailing passion. How fortunate i am to have stumbled upon it.

    Not to mention the surrounding community you've fomented. Your readers leave the best comments (and have some similarly evocative and meaningful blogs themselves i've discovered). If blogger had a 'like' button i'd've liked up a cyclone in many a comment section.

    Thank you for the slew of treasures and tokens you've bestowed on us in your moon shell blogland here. You're bees knees and then some.

    All the best deep-fried, chocolate-covered, and cherry topped served up by a surfer dude on a silver platter with a stiff, umbrella-ed foo-foo drink on the beach.

  7. Wow! That song is amazing! I have goosebumps, too!

  8. Oh my. A gift from the sea, indeed.



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