Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Trip to India in between Baseball

Yesterday, I made a coconut layer cake with cream cheese frosting, in-between baseball games, for an Indian-themed birthday party. I googled Indian themed cake decorations for inspiration, and came up with this:

And because no cake is complete without baseball, here's a picture of Oliver running toward third base:

and I'd show you the shot of Henry, breaking his hitting slump with a first base drive, but I don't have the amazing photograph, yet (taken by a father who's a professional). So, hold your breath for that one, and enjoy your cake.

Happy Sunday!


  1. And THAT is what America is all about, folks! An Indian-themed cake and baseball! Love it.

  2. You rock, Elizabeth. Your confections are beautiful. Your son is beautiful-er.

    xo, KM

  3. Your cake makes me incredibly smiley...

  4. A paisley cake with a stupa! Awesome!

  5. i could eat that cake right through the computer screen! awesome job!

  6. That cake looks almost too good to eat...almost.

  7. your cake looks magical - sort of Dr. Seuss-ish

    and baseball - that's magic too :)

  8. Sorry I'm late but I'm so glad this picture is still here. I think this is the most beautiful cake I've ever seen. It made my eyeballs happy in an art way and it made my pinched little baker's heart bubble with joy. Seriously. It is just remarkable and I have looked at it three million times if you're wondering why your stats counter went up.



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