Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Venice Boulevard Pink

I drive the boulevards of Los Angeles daily, and sometimes I'll drive nearly the entire boulevard from west (the ocean) to east (my neighborhood). Yesterday, as I returned from the acupuncturist's office along Venice, I marveled at all the urban sights, my mindfulness ignited, perhaps, by needles. I stopped the car a couple of times and found a pink theme. Some might think of this as urban blight -- I found it beautiful.

The inimitable Los Angeles River (yes, it's called a river)

This apartment building was nowhere near the water, much less an island, -- in fact, living on Venice Blvd., somewhere in the middle, seems pretty bleak to me, but with the large boat parked in front, I found it incredibly hopeful.


  1. I met Mr. Moon because I was getting my house painted pink.

  2. Could there possibly be a more effectual symbol of hope than a boat? I mean, the waters are 3' high and risin', i'm gonna say bloop your dove, your butterfly, and your rainbow- I'm runnin for the boat.

    Also in unrelated pink news, there was a headline in Seattle this past weekend, Back-flipping woman in hot pink body tape injures 3 SPD officers I'm sorry to hear about the officers, but it was a fairly awesome headline.

  3. I love it. I love pink. I love L.A. I love visiting your city through your eyes. Churn on, Los Angeles. Churn on.

  4. fins, a river, an island and a boat

    sounds like mermaid country

    I love pink stucco

  5. I laughed out loud at the LA River (not to be rude, it just struck me funny). LOVE the bougainvillea, love the pink cadillac! Thanks for taking us along with you. What I wouldn't offer for a little of that blue sky...

  6. These remind me a lot of Florida -- all that sunny optimism amid faded surroundings. Love it!

  7. When visiting California, I am always shocked to see so many vintage automobiles in such mint condition driving around the city. Then I remember, oh yeah, you don't have snowy winters and salt sprayed roads! Also nice to see the sun, even if it is thousands of miles away. Thanks for sharing the interesting photos.



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