Monday, May 28, 2012

We're so bored

I'm lying on the bed reading a short story by Maile Meloy in The New Yorker, keeping one hand on Sophie's back so that she doesn't swing forward and off of the bed. Despite their ages and sizes, both boys are hanging out with me, lying on the bed and on the floor. When Henry shoves the dog by accident, his nails dig into Oliver's mouth as he lies on the floor so then Oliver shrieks, Sophie's hums grow louder and Henry insists that he didn't do anything. I lay my magazine down and say please, figure out something to do that doesn't have to do with electronics. Please.


  1. I like your bedding and also your parenting style.

  2. I had about the most boring day of my life. Since I didn't have any kids around, I mostly sent my simmering the way of my husband who did not deserve it.
    Did you read that story in the NY'er by Lorrie Moore? Dang. I sort of hated it. It was well-written but I hated it.
    That bed sure is pretty. So are your kids.

  3. And summer is coming! Two full months of this!

  4. An ordinary and boring day. I get the point of this post - but still, it's just a beautiful thing to see. Those three children, the sunlight, the closeness, the bickering, the dog, the love - beautiful.

  5. I am already prepping the boys on the electronic thing as summer is around the corner. They already think i am the meanest mom ever because during the school year I don't allow electronics Monday-Thursday. That rule has dubbed me the worlds un-coolest mom ever I do believe. Also, their fighting ... driving me out of my flipping mind. They will be lucky to make it through summer!!

    Today though, we had the best day. Spent it at Descanso Gardens in La Canada. just the most amazing place ever. In my opinion.

    Love to you my friend.

  6. I second Liv's comments -- beautiful photos, even if in a slightly frustrating environment.

    I'm impressed you read the fiction in The New Yorker. I hate to say it, but I always skip the fiction -- and even then I can't really keep up! (And I love novels, so go figure.)

  7. I can't get beyond something in Sophie's serene presence In the photos together with the comfort of the boys to say more. Boring maybe in real time but here just so natural.

  8. these are the days your boys will later look back on and feel a keen ache of nostalgia, knowing how perfect they were in all their realness and imperfection. everything about this post is just wonderful, your writing, your bedding, those extraordinary, beautiful, family-focused kids. love to you.

  9. Yep, sounds pretty much like summer and siblings. Just found you through Tulpen, nice to "meet" you :).

  10. This made me smile.
    Now that I'm beyond all that.
    Good luck.

  11. I said the same thing about 324 times this weekend. I think it's time to roll out a new summer list (which I copied off you last summer). Item #1 is to go unplugged for 30 minutes without whining.

  12. There is something so very *normal* about this scene that makes me want to be there.

    Have you read Maile Meloy's novels —
    Liars and Saints and A Family Daughter? (Important to read them in that order.

    I loved them both.

  13. Loved that short story.
    love boredom... as long as it's me bored, and not the kids.
    love you, and sorry to have been such a slackass blog reader. ain't cause I'm bored!



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