Saturday, June 16, 2012

Two Championships and One Home Run!

Angels 3
Yankees 1

That's Henry, third from the right, bottom row!

Yankees 18
Tigers 17
Oliver, center bottom row with no hat!

I'm still the same size -- never made it to Henry's game. Since he played in two leagues, and I made it to nearly every single game in both, I chose to stay at Oliver's. It was a real nail biter, though -- they played an extra tie-breaking inning, and Oliver scored his first HOME RUN! leading the inning to a one-point win and the league championship. Oliver also shared a Golden Globe (MVPish) award with two of his team-mates, and despite losing his cool a number of times in the game (he's a passionate catcher, I was told), he was very, very happy. As was his brother, who finished up a wonderful baseball season.


  1. Cute boys!

    Glad they each enjoyed playing baseball this season. It seems like such a wholesome sport.

  2. So what are you going to do with all your spare time?

  3. Congratulations Oliver on the well placed home run and the passionate catching! One of my all time favorite catchers was Carlton Fisk, who was also a very passionate catcher (and hitter)!The same good wishes to Henry (the Natural) too!

  4. Congrats to your handsome boys. I can't say I'm surprised in the least to hear a child of your's described as "passionate". Seems to be in your blood. A good, good thing, passion.



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