Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mornings with Mulan

Mornings here are a careful orchestration of and restrained hysteria over coffee, breakfast, the packing of lunches, the feeding of Sophie, the dressing of Sophie, the arguing over who feeds the dog and today over whether the Taliban were in Cuba (Oliver and The Husband, two peas in a pod). I'm the one who keeps things moving along at a fairly rapid clip. Mornings now include:

Don't forget the egg!

If you're French and reading this, take note: apparently, if you're the grandmother to your thirteen year old's egg, you're still the one in charge. 


  1. We have been hearing a lot about the egg project lately. Heard a very sad story yesterday about a boy's egg being confiscated because he left it alone for too long.

    I can't stop thinking about that boy and his egg....

    Thanks for making me laugh so hard this morning.

  2. hahahaha!!!!

    surely the teachers know this?

  3. I wonder if your school could create a book of essays (including yours, of course - and photos) about this egg project, from the student, teacher and parent ("grandparent") perspective. I'll bet you could raise some funds by selling a book like that!

  4. This egg thing, well, it is just such a kick. Seriously enjoying it. you know, one grandparent to another and all.

  5. You are going to miss Mulan when this project is over. When Henry finally does have his first baby (a long time from now) you need to print all this out into a little book. I bet he will love it.
    Thanks for the laugh!

  6. so how long is the project? at some point, this hard boiled un-refridgerated egg is gonna get really stinky!! :)

  7. The grand egg thing is what is so funny and whoever wanted to throw a baby shower made it even funnier. The fragility of the egg is a good representation of a baby. Though mere points off for breaking the egg is kinda lame, i guess it fits this age. Your boys should love reading these entries when they have children of their own.



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