Thursday, October 4, 2012

In lieu of talking about the debate last night,

which I found exceedingly boring, let's talk about the yellow snow on my lawn and the fact that every year in October these flowers from this tree fall and coat nearly everything, leaving a trail in the house that leads to every bedroom. Let's talk about one of them nestled in the curl of hair above Sophie's ear, yesterday, and how when you turn on the car and head down the street, the flowers on the windshield fly off and pass the side windows in a yellow flutter. Let's talk about the yellow flowers that look soft but crunch underfoot, a precursor to the sycamore leaves that still hang, intrepid and brown on the trees that line the street. Let's talk about how this happens every October, without fail, and shut out the mouths yapping all over the place, the morning after, including my own.

These are the days that must happen to you.  -- Walt Whitman


  1. Hahaha! I loved your directness. I saw a little bit of the debate this morning on BBC and like you, I found it wanting. It lacked focus. Both Obama and Romney were all over the gaffe. The latetr fared better, though. Let's see what happens in the next debate. In the meantime, I'm enjoying your flowers.

    Greetings from London.

  2. That was a far superior discussion than most of the ones I've been hearing today. Thank-you.

  3. My favorite part of those flowers is that they look soft but make noise when you walk on them. I love finding blankets of them on the sidewalk and scrunching through them, shuffling my feet. And the visual of them flying off the car as you drive down the street? Sublime!

  4. the perfect 'post debate' post to read today :)

  5. Beautiful picture. Do you know the kind of tree that is dropping those little star-shaped yellow flowers?........Ginny F.

  6. yes, please, let's talk about anything except that boring debacle.....

    pretty picture, though. do you know what the tree is called?



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