Saturday, May 25, 2013

An Outstanding Article about Marriage, Gay Marriage and there's no cursing, like yesterday

American conservatives are frightened by this egalitarianism, or maybe just appalled by it. It’s not traditional. But they don’t want to talk about that tradition or their enthusiasm for it, though if you follow their assault on reproductive rights, women’s rights and, all last winter, renewing the Violence Against Women Act, it’s not hard to see where they stand. However, they dissembled on their real interest in stopping same-sex marriage.

Rebecca Solnit, from her article in Financial Times Magazine


  1. Great article, Elizabeth! I really like Rebecca Solnit. I first heard of her when I bought one of her books based on this great title: A Field Guide to Getting Lost. She really nails the story behind the story. Thank you for finding and posting this.

  2. Very interesting. (And I love the illustration you found for this post. What is up with all the flowers climbing out from behind those headboards? Who thought THAT was a good idea?)

    I think the essence of the article is this line: "Feminism made same-sex marriage possible by doing so much to transform a hierarchical relationship into an egalitarian one." I remember hearing Bishop Gene Robinson talk several years ago about how the conservative opposition to same-sex marriage, and to homosexuality in general, is rooted in misogyny. I thought that was such an interesting idea, and one I'd never considered before. Both feminism and gay rights are threats to the traditional male power structure, and representative of movements that conservatives dislike -- disempowering the paternalistic order of things. Why some women still buy into that power structure is a mystery to me.

  3. I finally got a chance to read that article and it really did open my head up. So "they" are right- same-sex marriage IS a threat to traditional marriage and by god, traditional marriage could use the education. And it's getting it and has been getting it and I am so glad.
    This is not quite an example of why things need to change (and are and have) but it sort of is- I remember when I was in therapy for childhood sexual abuse and my counselor pointed out that not that long ago, the molestation of children and stepchildren by a man was not even thought of as a crime at all because THE CHILDREN WERE THE PROPERTY OF THE MAN. Just like the women were. Like cows or goats. Chattel.
    We must however, acknowledge that very few relationships, either hetero or otherwise, are equally balanced as to power. This is just human nature. However, to legalize the imbalance in the favor of the powerful (which is, yes, traditionally men in a hetero relationship) is wrong. The law, at least, should be there for all parties involved. And that includes children.
    Wow. I need to think about all of this a lot more.
    You always have the best links, Elizabeth.

  4. I just can't get past the visual, Elizabeth. Separate beds. And I can remember that my grandparents had separate beds. That is just so weird.



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