Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Best and Worst (with an update, inspired by Michelle)

Best:   The movie I saw today, Love is All There Is. Perfection. Pierce Brosnan. Everything about it.

Worst:   The troll/Anonymous commenter on my last post. You'll know who when you click back there and read it. I actually think it's more funny than anything else and wonder about its authenticity.

Best: All of ya'll.

Worst: Hearing that the job I want isn't available until August.

Best: Still reading War and Peace and really loving it.

Worst: Enervating arguments on other people's blogs.

Best: Encouraging words to find an agent, finish my book.

Worst: Finding an agent and finishing my book.

Best: This (relating to aforementioned troll):

Worst: That Jimi Hendrix is dead and there are no recordings of this song that I could find.


  1. Ha! I got that same comment once a long time ago. I guess the guy still hasn't found his perfect woman.
    I'm so proud of you for so very many things. This list is a partial example.

  2. I had that same person leave the same comment on my blog last week. No doubt he can't get an American woman. Who would want him? He feels incompetent in come some way. Dare I wonder that men that feel this they need to say shit like this are compensating for a very small...brain.
    And I don't wonder its authenticity. I know a man that planned to and did marry an Asian woman "because they do what they are told and submit". His words.
    When I got his comment I refused to be caught up in his argument. People like him are seeking attention (because of the their small...brains) and we can't be baited.

  3. best bests and best worsts, too. awesome.

  4. The troll on your blog did make me laugh! Great list, and I do love a great list!

  5. the trick is to focus and act on the best while leaving the worst in the dust....

  6. You are definitely a best on my list.

    Sorry about the frustration with the job. I'm in a similar situation--I got hired at a library, but they won't know if they actually have hours for me until the budget goes through in July.

    Your book. It needs to be out in the world. So I have faith it will be.

  7. Oh my, that troll comment made me laugh. It was so random. I love to sip a little random in the morning with my coffee. Tomorrow's Starbuck's order: 5 shot Venti Americano with 2 pumps of random, please.

  8. Yes! Agent! Yes Book! No Trolls! xoxo

  9. I hope you do get an agent and finish that book...That list made me laugh for the first time today, which is hard to do while coughing and blowing one's hat is off to you and not for the first time. You are awesome.

  10. I got that SAME comment about "boycotting American women" on my blog too. its like a 'cut and paste' thing. exact, word for word. its just some nut job, or someone w/ too much time on their hands goofing around. whatEV. I just deleted it :)

    world is full of whackos.



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