Monday, May 20, 2013

Bill Clinton called me today

dedicated to my good friend Mary Beth

So far, I've had a very productive day with some really good possible employment leads. I'd be tempted to say that Jesus was involved (especially after that chain email from last night), it was so positive, but unless Sophie spontaneously stops having seizures at some point today, I'm going to attribute my progress to luck and a bit of perseverance rather than the mysterious workings of the Lord. What actually made me the most excited, though, were two things. I discovered an old Tiffany's merchandise credit that was too small for anything Tiffanyish but large enough for a pair of pretty earrings that I ordered online and that will come in a Tiffany box which is really what I like best, anyway. I figure it's a Mother's Day gift for myself. Ahem. The other great thing is that Bill Clinton called me on the land line today. I picked up the phone and when he said, Hi, there. It's Bill Clinton, I felt that old faint, shuddery feeling. I clicked off my computer and settled down to talk. That man can talk. His breath traveled through the wire and right into my ear, and while he talked the whole time about another woman, some woman who is running for mayor in Los Angeles, I was just happy that he'd call at all. Good golly, Miss Molly, as those of us who keep the man a special place in our hearts, say. Good golly, Miss Molly.


  1. Bill Clinton called you? Swoon! Even my republican mother adored him!! Yes, Tiffany's is all about the box!!


  2. I'd say you had a very fine day. We want pictures of the earrings, okay? And the box, of course.

  3. i think it was just the kind of day you deserve and hope your whole week shapes up to be similarly fabulous!

  4. yes I received a couple of those calls over various elections. And that was OK with me!!

    what sort of employment?

  5. Wow...Great day and I hope you hear something fabulous.

  6. Good luck with the job leads! It's pretty funny when even a political robo-call is appealing. Such is the power of good ol' Bill.

  7., I don't get it because I'm Canadian right? And, from Mr. Reed's comment above, I can gather that this was a recording? I get it, 'cause otherwise, that would be cool, even if it's, you know, Bill Clinton. Of U.S. President types, I would like a call from Obama and/or Jimmy Carter. :)

  8. I'm sweet on Bill, too. I've always been a sucker for bad boys.

    And sending good vibes your way on the employment leads. I hope a door opens for something you love so much that it never feels like work.

  9. And all I got was a Christmas card from Bush??? Fuck.

    I definitely want to see pictures of your Tiffanys.

    I hope that just the right thing works out for your job. Good vibes coming your way from the Smokies.

  10. I love you.
    You are magnificent.



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