Friday, May 24, 2013

Day four of walking brought carpets of jacaranda flowers and wayward looks from men with blowers. The thoughts were cliches, too much thought for the body beautiful and too little breath. My intention was to go to see Dr. Bullwinkle, the next step, but I was reminded of a forgotten Terracotta Warrior left on a desk that very much needed to be delivered to school before sixth period. There's never enough time. What you need to remember disappears, a moment when the blowers are quiet and there's nothing but trees and sky.


  1. The names of flowers are an endless source of pleasure for me.

  2. Never.
    And never enough jacaranda blossoms either.
    Go away leaf-blower-men. Leave those purple carpets alone.

  3. I hope your daily walks continue. They seem to bring you peace and are a joy to read about.

  4. Nice. That is my singular image of LA, right there -- streets lined with those tall Washingtonia palms. I love them.



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