Saturday, May 11, 2013

More Birthday Baseball for the Baseball Blog

Oliver stood like that for most of the game, hoping to catch a home run. In the whatever inning it happened (remember, I am not paying attention), one of the Dodgers named Gonzalez hit a home run that flew right across the field, over the fence and into our section. Oliver nearly caught it but was pushed out of the way by a really obnoxious kid. This morning, I got an email from the site where I bought the tickets, thanking me for spending the $250,000 for seats in the outfield with the all you can eat Dodger Dog food bar. They also included video highlights of the game (that ended in a humiliating loss to the Marlins who suck, according to The Brothers) and in one of those videos, you can see Oliver leaping up into the air when the ball comes flying toward us. He's wearing khaki shorts, the lovely Dodgers polyester jersey, and of course, the wig. It's around the 10th second (after the interminable Domino's pizza ad), so if you want to see my son on the MLB website, along with his gang of kooky friends, this is it:

Click for video here.


  1. People get brutal trying to catch those stray balls! Personally, I would duck.

  2. Well done Oliver! Most often it's adults who push kids out of the way when they try to catch fly balls.

  3. Good of you to not pummel the obnoxious kid. Such restraint!

  4. I saw Oliver! I can't believe that rude kid, on Oliver's own birthday to boot. We are longtime Angels fans in this family (Noah's grandpa has season tickets and left our wedding to watch them in the World Series) so we may need to "throwdown", or something. I mean we could, but probably I'm too tired.



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