Monday, October 6, 2008

Hard Times Come No More

Sophie is doing better, drinking her Chinese tea and getting needles stuck between her eyes and all over her head. Here's a video I saw posted on another blog. Always loved the song and who can resist Rufus Wainwright, his mother, Kate McGarrigle, Emmylou and Mary Black?


  1. Oh Elizabeth,
    I'm so glad to hear Sophie is doing better.

  2. I first heard this aong as a follow-up to the Ken Burns Civil War documentary. Or was it the thomas Hampson "Beautiful Dreamer" CD? McGarrigle Sisters/Rufus Wainwright is my favorite version of this Stephen Foster song. Thank you.

  3. So nice to here good news.
    I cry every time I here the Lowden Wainwright song "Daughter". It is happy and beautiful.



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