Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Place Where the Wild Things Go

Some days, when it's quiet and all I hear is the sound of the fountain in the backyard trickling and the quiet rush of traffic a few blocks away and the chirp of sparrows in the tree that's about to burst into yellow, I think of another life I had.

And this song reminds me of it.


  1. I don't know the song, and I can't play it, but hugs nonetheless.
    PS who knows how that other life would have turned out.

  2. Oh yes Elizabeth the other life. I remember it too.

    Hope everyone is well.

    Love to you my dear dear friend.

    Love Renee xoxo

  3. You're right--that is a gorgeous song. Love her voice. Thanks for posting.

  4. Hi Elizabeth. I have just finished reading all the way down many posts to here, and felt like I had to drop you a note. Your blog is great and your writing is so good, true and real. And I feel like we are kindred spirits: you like Bob Dylan, independent bookstores, poetry, Barack Obama and Lucinda Williams. I will be back often and I am adding you to my blog roll. Rarely do I find such honesty and truth in a blog.




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