Thursday, July 16, 2009

Two Conversations


Me (driving and looking up into the rearview mirror): Oliver, stop sucking your thumb.

Oliver (aged eight and quite fierce despite the thumb-sucking): AWWWW. It feels so good, Mom. While I'm thinking about GI Joe.


Me (pulling a very wet boy's Swiss watch out of the washing machine): HENRY, you left your watch in your shorts and it went in the washing machine! What is up with you and your stuff?

Henry (ever good-natured): What? I did? Let me see! Look, Mom it's still working even though it's wet. Can you put it in the dryer? (and he wasn't joking around)


  1. It's the best job in the world, even though the pay is low! Your kids are precious, and these stories are priceless.

  2. I love how kids minds work !!!

  3. that picture is absolutely amazing!


    i sucked my thumb until i was 11. we tried nail polish, nail polish remover,wrapping my thumb in fuzzy yarn. nothing worked.

    one day an older cousin came to visit and he said 'you're still sucking your thumb?!'

    that was it; shamed me out of my life-long habit right there on the spot.

    go figure.

  4. Children have the best reasoning. The world would be a much happier place if we would just think like a child.

  5. "AWWWW. It feels so good, Mom. While I'm thinking about GI Joe."

    This made me laugh out loud!

    As for the watch, Henry isn't too far off! If you can get the back off of the watch, that would be ideal. If not, pull out the stem like you do when setting the time. Either way, leave it top of the dryer while it's running. This should help dry out the movement. If you can, let the watch sit backless or with the stem pulled out for a few days.

  6. I want him. Just send him over. He would be better than the chemo and certainly more apt to keep my spirits up. Be proud girl, they get it from somewhere and at least 50% comes from you.

  7. LOVE those kids of yours :) I have one who would fit right in :) - ya want her???



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