Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Car talk, or where it's evident that my children have no sense of the value of money

1962 Ferrari 330 TRI/LM Testa Rossa went under the hammer for £4.6 million at an auction in Italy

Henry: When I'm old enough and have a lot of money, I'm going to get a Ferrari.

Oliver: You can't get a Ferrari; it costs about a million dollars.

Henry: Mom, how much does a Ferrari cost?

Me: Um, I'm not sure but I think it costs a couple of hundred thousand dollars.

Henry: Whoa. Then if I can't get that, I'll get a Porsche.


  1. LOL Elizabeth..sounds like my car..giggle...except the second voice is my husbands..Hugs to you, Sarah

  2. Still dealing with aspects of this, and he is a senior in high school. It's good to have a dream...=)

  3. I laugh at my kid's sense of money and time. It can be really funny the things they think about both.

  4. Eleizabeth the house must be so fun with the kids for Christmas. All that excitement.

    Love you dear friend.

    Love Renee xoxo

  5. hahaha!
    And how about this. I just posted before coming to your blog--and I put up a photo of an Aston Martin--for a different reason, of course. But still, I feel we're kind of in synch!

  6. I'm still waiting for my Porsche.
    Yo? Santa?

  7. So funny, I had some real bling bling cars when I was young. Now I only want a beetle convertible, in that yummy light blue. Yeah, I know.
    But I already had a convertible here in Oregon and I used to freeze my derriere but I drove it with the top down and the heater going. Ah, to be that unconscious again...not!

    (word verification is edulti. As in: I will never truly grow up?)

  8. This reminds me of a story about a guy who went to Italy to buy a Ferrari. He took it out on the Autostrada and noticed that the clock didn't work, the radio didn't work, and he was passed by a Lamborghini. He took it back to the factory and complained.
    "The clock doesn't work."
    The mechanics shrugged.
    "The radio doesn't work."
    More shrugs.
    "I was passed by a Lamborghini."
    The mechanics finally paid some attention. "A Lamborghini!?"
    They took the car back and worked on it. When he got it back, it couldn't be passed by anything. He'd get the clock and radio fixed in the States. Americans were good at that sort of thing.



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