Monday, December 7, 2009

Waiting and the Miscellaneous and the Carol of the Day

I clicked over to Deb's blog Talk at the Table and was overwhelmed. Each day of this month, through the Feast of Epiphany on January 6th, she is sharing a journey of intentional Hope for Advent. Look for this star if you click over to her blog. 

As I go through my day today, and hopefully onward, I hope to incorporate some of the things she is doing and suggesting in an attempt to shape and feel and keep the true meaning of Christmas and this season. I hope that you might as well.

On my way to the boys' school this morning, it was raining! Raining! Finally, it's raining, a beautiful, soft and gray rain. For those of you who live in rainy climes, I know this is nothing to get excited about, but for those of us who live in the perpetual 70 degrees and sunny, well, we lift up our faces and let it wash down. I had to be at the boys' school early this morning. As room parent for Oliver, my third grader's class, I had to collect a single flower and handmade card that each student was bringing in to celebrate the teacher aide's birthday. I brought along a vase, and while we scurried through the rain to the school, Oliver held it out in front of him, his yellow daisies he'd picked from our garden bobbing. He had his hood up and I walked just behind him, but close enough to see his upturned profile. I wish that I had taken a picture such was his simple happiness. His mouth was upturned in a huge smile and his arms with the vase of flowers reached straight out into the rain.

What are you doing, Oliver? Henry asked in a big-brother, scornful way.

I'm catching the rain! It's so good for the flowers! Oliver cried out. And something about his profile, his two big front teeth smiling, those outstretched arms and the vase of golden flowers made me want to cry out in gratitude.

For the Carol of the Day, I'll post Away in a Manger, sung by Alison Krauss and Mindy Smith. It sounds childlike to me, in keeping with my morning and my memory of singing this song with my preschool class in a pageant long ago.


  1. The rain is so wonderful. And the cold! I wish I was home reading in front of the, well, home reading.

    And thanks for that beautiful image.

  2. beautiful. you captured that moment perfectly.

  3. I've never thought I would say this but I'm so enjoying this rain and nippy weather. And the song "It's raining men hallelujah..." has been playing in my head all day. Scary.

  4. I got the link from that "You might also like this" thingee. I saw Bruce's picture and had to go there. Of course.
    And by the way- I worship rain. It is a message from all that is holy that all is right with the world. At least where I live. The first blog post I ever wrote was about the lack of rain and how much we needed it.

  5. was this not the most perfect day ????????? I was THRILLED with the rain! We stayed in pjs, bakes cookies, rearranged the kitchen cabinets, and felt so unbelievably blessed and lucky to be a mom today, home, with Luke, and nothing to do really...

    rain here for me is no pressure weather...

  6. You may not have had a camera but those precious pictures end up in the mind album. Sometimes I just "turn the pages" and remember all those beautiful moments when my children were small. And, even though we have RAIN in Seattle, I am always so grateful when it begins once again in the late fall.

  7. I love the image of Oliver catching the rain:)!

  8. Lovely. It's true, rain is heartbreakingly beautiful when you don't have it.

    Also true that we make the holidays our own by how we approach them. This year I'm not doing presents, per se. I'm babysitting and making food and ornaments and photographs for family and friends. Everyone is happy for the help and memories and I love doing it.



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