Sunday, January 10, 2016

After Carol

LA skies at sunset after storms, baby.

I went to see the movie Carol this morning while The Teenagers spent some time with their father. Most of you know that the movie is based on a novel by the great and creepy Patricia Highsmith, and that it's about the love affair between two women in the 1950s. The movie isn't creepy at all, though -- it's gorgeous, smart and very erotic. I'd write a three-line movie review, but I don't think I could be that economical in my rapture. I felt as if I were in a trance when I left the theater.

I think right now, as I type, the Golden Globes are starting. I don't have cable anymore so I guess I won't be watching, but to tell you the truth I can't bear Ricky Gervais, and he's evidently the host. Several years ago, he made the lazy stand-up comedian's mistake of using the word retard in one of his routines. He was defiant about it and didn't apologize. He continues to use it. Evidently, he's also quite fond of the word mong. Cognizant of the risk of sounding terribly politically correct, I just decided that I'm not going to watch anything that he's in or does. Here's my three-word review of Ricky Gervais: Lazy. Not funny. Now I'll get off my mini soapbox and take a wee nap.

Tell me what you're doing.


  1. Trying to read Drusilla Modjeska's wonderful memoir, in between work and trips to Facebook. The movie, Carol, sounds brilliant. I look forward to seeing it, as for Ricky Gervais, and his lazy language, enough said.

  2. Getting ready to drag my tired body to bed. Had a lovely walk in the river valley this afternoon.

  3. I just sent out a new short story to a bunch of places. I might be coming out of my writer's coma.

  4. so glad when you get to go to the cinema, and tell us about it!
    PS the golden globes report on my radio this morning (not that I follow it, to be honest, but I just happen to be tuned) was totally downplayed by the sad news about David Bowie. I think Let's Dance was the soundtrack to my teen years.

  5. Haven't seen "Carol" yet but it's on my list. (Probably as soon as it's available to stream.) I agree about Ricky Gervais. I mean, his comic persona is that he's kind of a jerk, but I'd rather not spend time on him for just that reason.

  6. He is so gross. "Mong", you don't say? Hadn't heard he was fond of that one. Nice. My mother in-law has used mongoloid when talking about Zoey before. I know I should extent some grace, you know, the whole "generational" blah, blah, but it just makes me shudder. Just shudder



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